Sunday, March 01, 2009

Flying Girl Sometimes Gets Lost, or Trust the Journey

Flying Girl Sometimes Gets Lost, or Trust the Journey
Golden Fluid Acrylics on Paper, 5x8

Hey, you know what? The most important thing is that we keep going. Keep trying. Try new things. Try different directions. Go slower, go faster, take the detour, maybe. Be open to the kinks and stumbling blocks. Be open to the different terrain, just keep going.

I'm in an inexplicable funk and very tired, which is normal. But somehow, it's made it so that I don't want to do stuff. Don't want to keep trying.

There's some undefined fear in there, floating around, gumming up the works.

So how to get through? How to keep going?

The only way I can see how is by keeping the faith. Believe in myself. Believe in the path. Believe that what I do now, whether it is successful or a failure will give me the tools to move on to the next step... as long as I keep going. Never give up.

Can't see that road off in the distance, or where it ends up, but I'm going to keep following it until I get where I am going or run out of road and need to find a new one.

Oy. This post took a lot of energy to get to. And I think that's all I've got left in me to give. That's okay. Small step.


Angela said...

I love how you keep coming up with new ideas and new meanings to your paintings all inspired by "Flying Girl", it's so interesting to see new interpretations from the same basic idea! You inspire me so much, Thank you!

Juliet Colors said...

Baby steps is what I tell myself. Some days are just harder than others, and that's okay. :-)

septembermom said...

Keep believing in yourself. You have so much to give creatively. It will all reveal itself in its time. I love all these paintings! I like how they show women as empowered and in command of their surroundings.

ina said...

i've got no words of wisdom. i enjoy your art and your words very much. i hope energy returns for you.

Anonymous said...

You give plenty. Maybe someday we can share a margarita.

simoart said...

You are a true artist and you have a creative mind, just take a day at a time and you will find the time and the inspiration you need to create each beautiful paintings.

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