Monday, January 30, 2006

Baby News (you can skip it if it's not your thing)

Sleep, shmeep. Sometimes you get to a point where you are so tired, you can't manage to get yourself up and ready for bed, instead, you just sit and let an old Cheers episode play on and on in the background. Sigh.

The baby is sleeping, though. That's a good thing. His naps are tapering off, but he's sleeping better through the night. I know, I know fascinating.

I keep thinking that I should be keeping track of all the things he does as he grows... I mean, he is almost seven months now (how did that happen?) but then I'm not really into documenting every last little moment.

So maybe just an occassional entry where we catch up on the Gabriel developments.

He's getting awful wiggly. No crawling or anything, but his favoritest is climbing all over mommy. He likes to attack-kiss Mama, mouth wide open, slobber, slobber. He also particularly likes it if his girlfriend Tazer kitty is hanging out near by, and he can reach over and pet, pet, pet GRAB! a handful of fur. Delicious fun. Also delicious fun is Pears! and Bananas! and Applesauce! and Sweetpotatoes! Weee heee. He'd like some of Papa's sushi, or Mama's brownie, too, but that's a no go.

He's moved into his very own room, and his very own crib, and has even managed to stay there 'til sometimes 5am, or 6am or 7am, at which point he cries, and Papa goes to get him and bring him back to bed with us. Then he gets booby and falls asleep ontop of Mama until he can wake up and start kicking whichever parent is nearer. Fun times.

On a side note, I wonder when Sean and I will get our names back... we've become Mama and Papa. Hmm. Gabriel, however has a thousand names. Monkey Man, Fudd Head, Cuckoo Head, Cuckoo Luckoo, Boo Boo, Flying Boy, Zombie Baby, Lord Stinkypants, Master of the Manor...

And I'm rambling. It's that sleep thing, again. I'm wondering also when I won't be exhausted, always and constantly. And worn down with no break. Sigh again.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Gettin' Back to the Soul

Here I am, mumbling and tumbling around in my life. Doesn't quite fit yet. Think about all the things I should do, but can manage very few of them, most of those surrounding a certain little bald man with no teeth.

Il Baldino actually is letting me sleep longer. Through the night, and today, he actually let me sleep until 12 noon! That entails Papa taking him for about an hour in the morning, and giving him back to me while I am still lounging (read, comatose) in bed, me playing with him for a little, and then Il Baldino requesting booby-- which then puts him to sleep, so I sleep too. He will periodically wake up, ask for more booby, and then pass out again. So we finally woke at noon, although I was ready to get up at 7. Phew. Sleep.

It's amazing what a full night of sleep plus some will enable me to do. Like wash dishes, for one. Or write in my blog. Or make it through the mommy's group without tuning out.

We went to the mommy's group today. It's actually starting to be a baby's group, since the kids are beginning to interact. Gabriel kissed one of his friends today. This is, of course, after he tried to poke out the poor kid's eye. My son likes to grab and gouge. I have scabs all over my face. For him, it's a sign of love. The cats get it too. Of course, they have a great deal less patience for it.

The mommy's group is good for me, too. About 80% of the women there are artists, mostly painters. It's nice to be around people who are creative. They're not only artists, they are almost all WORKING artists. Not hobbyists. Not wannabe's. They have studios and gallery shows and museum shows. It's a different dynamic that being the only self-identified artist in a group full of non- artists.

Today is also supposed to be my night off. Excuse me, "my night off." The night of the week when Sean comes home early to relieve me and let me do whatever I want, go out, whatever. The problem with that is that I am always so tired by the time Sean gets home that I don't want to go anywhere, and rarely want to do anything. Sigh. Last week I told him I wasn't allowed to watch tv, and I needed to write or paint, or something. Guess what I did all night... watch tv.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.
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