Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flying Girl Steps Boldly on the Earth, or I Am a Joyful Girl

Flying Girl Steps Boldly on the Earth, or I Am a Joyful Girl
Golden Fluid Acrylics on Paper, 7x10"

Every time I see this painting, I start singing that Ani DiFranco song, Joyful Girl. Oh, come to think of it, this painting is all inspired by Jen Lemen. First the song itself which she posted yesterday, and then a few days before, this post. "Step boldly into the Earth and let the Earth figure the rest of it out."

Let me tell you, I feel like I'm stepping boldly, and I'm trying to let the Earth figure the rest out. Did you know I even put "Relax" on my to do list? I think I managed some of the sublists on that, but I'm still too busy to relax. Although things seem to be slowing down a little, enough for me to catch my breathe.

But that's okay, because

i do it for the joy it brings
because i’m a joyful girl
because the world owes me nothing
and we owe each other the world
i do it because it’s the least i can do
i do it because i learned it from you
i do it just because i want to
because I want to
via jen

I'm learning the way as I go, and so are you. And so is everyone. When we stop learning, we can stagnate, so it's okay to feel like a beginner when you are one.

Someday soon I'll tell you some of the things I've been learning. Someday soon I'll figure out ways to make things run smoother and more efficiently and still have time to live.

I'm going to remember joy. I'm going to remember Flying Girl. I'm going to remember about stepping on the Earth.


Christy said...

I'm gonna remember that song and Flying Girl too! You rock!

septembermom said...

I'm glad that you put "relax" on your to do list. I don't know how you get it all done :) Another beauty of a flying girl. Joy is a wonderful, regenerating boost to our soul. As I can see from this painting, "joy" played a part in the creation of this piece :)

Kate Lord Brown said...

Flying girl looks so ... in her groove! Happy :) Off to check out etsy - bravo Rowena! x

ConverseMomma said...

Oh, I love Ani. Love! Love! Love!
There is something important in the word beginner. I hope to be one perpetually, always on the cusp, always this becoming.

Marta said...

Words fail to explain how happy I am for you and Flying Girl. Enjoy!

(and as soon as I can I'm getting a Flying Girl for me...)

Anonymous said...

I don't think of Ani much, but I am thinking of her now. I believe we should all started caucusing amongst our blog-selves about joy & joyful feelings, emotions. This totally lifted my mood( & it was pretty high anyway).~Mary

Rowena said...

What a good idea, Mary. What is Joy for everyone? It's like Pecannoot-- all about abundance.

I'm glad I could lift your mood.

And every body, one of the things I seem to be letting slide is my blogreader and making comments. I'm trying to catch up but it's a huge task.I may just have to chalk it up to life passing me by and move on.

I'm reading all your comments, but not so much getting back to you.

But I LOVES you, babies.

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is a lovely Flying Girl painting, I'm a real Ani di Franco fan too...

Karen Salva said...

This is up there with my super duper favorites. If you were on Flikr I would have them marked for sure. It is going to be so hard to chose what print(s) I want to buy and simply must have. Someday I want an original, but before you get too famous and I can't afford one!!!

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