Friday, March 13, 2009

Flying Girl and the Dance, or Pas De Deux

Flying Girl and the Dance, or Pas De Deux
Golden Fluid Acrylics on watercolor paper, 7"x10"

This one may look familiar to you folks. That's because it's a redo of a painting I did back in November. Someone liked the November painting but I was uncomfortable with the sketchiness of the original. So I painted it again.

I did it on heavier paper and larger, and I brought to it the things I've been doing lately, namely the underpainting. It's still simpler than what I've been doing lately, but I like it a lot better than the original. I think Flying Girl and Flying Guy look more dynamic, stronger. I like that they are larger and more finely done, although still loose. I like that there's more tension in the composition, with a steeper angle and less negative space. I like that the flowers are less intrusive. I considered not putting them in at all, but I think they add something to the narrative of the piece, and I like the bit of pink.

Oh, and I love the little cockeyed curls at the end of her rippled hair. I still like the color combo and in real life, the two paintings look almost the same, except for the added bit of pink from the underpainting.

FG Is Coming Together, or The Dance
Golden Fluid Acrylic and paper, 51/2"x8"

The discrepancies in color here are from the not so great photography. Sorry, upgrading my systems, camera included, is on my to do list.

Anyway, I enjoyed doing another version of this. Sometimes we really can take the best of an experience and recreate it-- or rather, re-envision it.

Oh, goodness, you silly novel-ignorer. It's called revision.

Revision is good. We learn new things. We create improved things. We become better artists.

I need to get back to work on my novel.

(to buy a print of Flying Girl and the Dance or Pas De Deux, go here!)


septembermom said...

Revision does bring so many benefits: artistic growth, new perspectives, unexpected dimensions. This would be a great gift to a newly married couple. It's a lovely dance to witness. Good luck with the novel!

Missy said...

I do love the pink underpainting! And I am amazed at your ability to paint every day. Such great work!

Sharon P Pope said...

Your paintings are wonderful!

Sara Moriarty said...

Yep. The pink underpainting really adds to the piece. It is lovely.

Anonymous said...

I think it is in revision where we truly become artists. This is lovely.

Unknown said...

I just got rid of all the men in my life, but I still like this idea of a pas de deux. I'm planning on dancing a Pas de Deux with Paris this summer!

Karen Salva said...

This would make a great wedding present for someone. Or even awesome artsy invitations or table cards or something like that.

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