Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flying Girl and the Fairy Lights, or Seek the Magical

Flying Girl and the Fairy Lights, or Seek the Magical
Golden Fluid Acrylics

Yesterday, I started my day by Twittering a message to the world:
a fresh new day. new ideas buzzing around in my head. where will I go today? Life's an adventure, right?
Which is atypical in my drink-a-gallon-of-coffee-and-put-one-foot-in-front-of-the-other morning just trying to keep my kids and myself on an even keel.

And then that day, in my usual perusal of google reader, I found a million things to be amazed and inspired by. And when I put my kids to nap, strangely, I stumbled out into the garden and made a fairy house. I had no plans to. I just did. Did the fairies kidnap the ToDo list in my head? The one that keeps me on edge?

And I practiced on my baby blue acoustic guitar with the heart shaped, abalone inlaid opening, playing Love Me Tender and Ode to Joy. And I made myself a fresh picked, fresh squeezed key lime margarita. And I laughed at G's disdain for dinner saying, "I hate Fwegeghi." (that's spaghetti to everyone else.) And I enjoyed watching Ivy try to fly-- I mean jump, as she tries to propel her body into the air and dance on her feet at the same time. And I did my work and I fed my kids and a dealt with diapers and bedtime and all the other things I have to do in a day.

It was a good day, despite the tantrums (parent's and children's) and I tried to catch a hold of that magic as it came. Did I wish it into being?

When I sat down last night to paint, it was another night where I had no ideas in my head. No where to go. I knew that the fairy house had been magical, but I really don't need to paint fairies, not with flying girls flitting about everywhere. I didn't want to go there. Then a commercial flashed on the tv. A tree full of lanterns, and off I went.

If you seek it...

I think it comes.


Umā said...

this reminds of the fairy houses on monhegan island, maine! have you heard of them?
hmmm, i might need to do an inspiration post on them soon...

Alessandra Cave said...

That looks soooo lovely! Thank you for sharing your magic with me. :)


Dear Rowena,
Yes, you may call me Duchie and everyday, I also seek the magical whether while composing or blogging. Creativity has become a wondrous journey since I entered the world of blogging where I've found so many creative women whom inspire me daily. Thank you for sharing your creative journey!

septembermom said...

You sought the magical and it arrived for you just in time. It sounds like you had a magical day in many ways with the guitar solos, fairy house and enjoying your children. I'm amazed how you have the energy to produce such beautiful pieces after handling all the ups and downs with your little ones! That's terrific : )

Anonymous said...

How wonderfully magical. I love the painting and the fairy dwelling!

ina said...

[waves hand side to side as if swatting a pest] yes, yes, magic, fairies, art, inspiration. that's all well and good.

[bright eyes, big smile] me, i'm coveting the baby blue acoustic and the fresh fresh margarita!

[returns to normal self] you have a full and beautiful life, tantrums and all.

Unknown said...

I agree.

I love Flying Girl's wardrobe. I wish I had it.

And her hair.

Anonymous said...

I love inspiration like that. It is truly magical when it just flys into your head like that. Your painting is beautiful and I love the little fairy house. Thanks for sharing.

Emily Anne Carson said...

This is fantastic! Way to live in the present moment and observe all that magical wonder that surrounds you. :)

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