Friday, March 06, 2009

It's Okay to Just Breathe

My paintings take longer than they used to, so I don't always have a fresh Flying Girl to post every day-- but I do have these postcards. I sent these out to a friend in need a while back, one with whom I was already in contact with via email, so I didn't feel the need to write letters to her, but I wanted to give her a little extra inspiration.
So I took a series of postcards from the wonderful Christine Miller Mason, otherwise known as Swirly Girl, and author of Ordinary Sparkling Moments, and sent them off to my friend. I collaged them, or painted, or wrote inspirational quotes.

Frankly, I need these reminders myself sometimes. In fact, I posted Swirly's two postcard above because those are two prompts I need to get myself up and off of my ass sometimes.

And my own addition, at the top? Well, I get wound up sometimes. Even the act of painting everyday makes me get all confuzzled with havetos and shoulds.

Sometimes, a lot of the times, I have to remind myself that I am not only living this life to produce and care for and be heard, but also to just breathe. Especially when I am accomplishing a lot and going at top speed, I need to remember this.


Don't forget to just breathe, sometimes.

You don't have to run to keep up. Just love what you love. Be what you be.



Juliet Colors said...


septembermom said...

As I write this comment, I am looking at my deck covered with bits of ice and snow. When the warm weather arrives, I'll pull up a chair, close my eyes and breathe (not think for a change). Sometimes I overload my mind. Thanks for reminding me to slow down and just exist. I probably will have to sneak out to get away from those kids for that liberating moment :)

Unknown said...

ahhhhhhhhh, just the reminder I need everyday, too! These are wonderful. I think I know of a blog that might like to post some things like this.... :)

Genie Sea said...



Anonymous said...

Breathe. Yes. I might throw some sleep in there too.

Querulous Squirrel said...

Ah, but Flying Girl makes a cameo appearance in my story Tongue in Cheek on my blog today. Come find her.

Swirly said...

I am glad the postcards inspired you!!

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