Monday, March 02, 2009

Flying Girl Makes a Margarita, or Drink Life

Flying Girl Makes a Margarita, or Drink Life
Golden Fluid Acrylics, 5x8

Honey, sometimes life is full of lemons... or in my case, key limes. Tart and sour and green and sharp. They're harder to find than other citrus, at least in my back yard, being smaller and hidden in the leaves, and they seem to get ripe randomly, not all at one time. A few here a few there.

Wait... did you just say you have a key lime tree in your back yard?

Why, yes I did.

What a treat. You mean you can just go out there and pick that key lime whenever you want?

Well, yes. But didn't you hear about how rare they are? And it's not really my yard, but my uncle's, so I'm kind of borrowing it, but he says it's okay to pick them.

So you have fresh fruit just for the picking.

Yes, I do. Grapefruit, too. And starfruit... isn't that crazy?

That's a lot of yeses in your life, there.

But didn't you here about the buts?

Meh, buts are a downer. I think you should pay attention to the fruit, and what you can get out of that.

I do have some tequila lying around. I could make a margarita. I love margaritas, but only if they're with fresh lime.

You mean, like the lime on your tree?

That would be the kind.

Viva los limones.

Viva las Margaritas.


ina said...



septembermom said...

Enjoy those margaritas! How cool to have such great fruit handy for celebrations and lovely feasts!!

I like the braid on the woman in the picture. Adds something to her profile.

Unknown said...

YES! Buts are a downer. SO true! And yes, I'm jealous of your lime tree (or your uncle's or whatever)-- even if they are few and far between! I hope you're drinking a margarita right now-- while eating grapefruit and starfruit. This is SO not fair. :)

Unknown said...

ps-- i forgot to say that the painting is gorgeous, too! oops. :)

tekeal said...

can i have one too??

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