Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Flying Girl On Her Way to the Moon, or Take The Leap

Flying Girl On Her Way to the Moon, or Take The Leap
Golden Fluid Acrylics on Paper, 5x8"

Moon is the prompt for this week's Inspire Me Thursday. Dreams is the totally optional theme for this month's Creative Everyday. Karen at Beelieve painted a flying girl and my flying girl followed hers into space. Plus I had a new violet paint color that I wanted to try out. It seemed appropriate for space, because I didn't really want it to be a dark painting, but a dreamy one.

I love it when you pull on various threads for your inspiration and something unforeseen appears. Reach for the moon. Follow your dreams.

This is also about fears, which I wrote about in the Instinct FG post, and which I just read about over on Havi's blog. Fears and dreams. Taking the leap. Letting the fears be acknowledged... and taking the leap anyway and going for those dreams, because it's that important.

She's not wearing a space suit... although I like to think her dress has a metallic protective kind of shimmer about it. Okay, it's just gray. No helmet. No jet pack or space shuttle for that matter. This journey is under her own power. And I don't think purple heels offer much in the way of defense against the void.

She's not prepared for space... but look at that, she's almost reached her destination.


septembermom said...

The violet pink color looks great. Inspiring piece. Hopefully, many of our dreams are just a leap of faith and creativity away!

K.C. said...

This is lovely. Her hair really gives it that dreamy quality.

Karen Salva said...

Oh, dreamy indeed! This color combo looks fabulous. Keep reaching for the moon FG because even if you are distracted you will still be among the stars!

Anonymous said...

What happens when she reaches the destination? Where does she go from there?

Rowena said...

What happens when she gets there??? I don't know. Moondance? Honeymoon? Lunacy?

maybe she makes a cake out of green moon cheese.

She does the Moonwalk while singing the Moon over Miami and building a moon base.

Maybe she starts shooting for Venus.

Cynthia DiBlasi - Fine Art said...

This is so beautiful and inspirational! Very refreshing! I absolutely love your take on this prompt.

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