Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flying Girl Swims, or Explore Undiscovered Lands

Flying Girl Swims, or Explore Undiscovered Lands
Golden Fluid Acrylic on paper, 7"x10"

Here's a departure for me. So bright. Half naked.

I saw sunny skies, in my head. That sharp, hot light of mid summer. Or was it the cool blue of a pool? It makes everything else brighter. Pure colors. Clean lines. Modern. A little dream like, but not romantic. Nothing ornate. No banners or swirls or words. Just silence, and the swim. Breathing. Sun.

Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water, lately. Things seem familiar, sort of, but then I'm kind of floundering about, trying to figure out the best way to get moving.

I like this Flying Girl. She has not let the water or lack of water stop her. She keeps going, equally in the air or in the sea. I imagine there's a lot more of this scene for her to explore, and I imagine she's not ready to stop in her adventure, but rather, is enjoying this strange swim.

I'm trying to keep my stuff together and list things in my etsy shop every day. Work work work. So here's a link if you want to buy a print of this one. I think I want to put it up on my wall, myself.


Leah said...

I totally love this, Rowena. The colors are fantastic. The red and blue combo is one of my favs at the moment.

septembermom said...

Really nice. Vibrant colors. I like the idea of the joining of sky and water in a way. Beautiful lines too.

Unknown said...

hey you. i'm ready to get my parisian flying girl. the check will be in the mail on April 1st. Is she still mine?

I love what you are doing here. It's too amazing for words and inspires me to no end.

kel said...

New here! That is beautiful! Are these all you drawings?? You are so talented!

Anonymous said...

I'm to tired to think of anything intelligent to say, but I wanted to let you know that having your art in my home is no disappointment. The piece is as lovely in person as it is online.

I hope etsy is going well for you.

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