Saturday, November 22, 2008

Flying Girl is Coming Together, or The Dance

Flying Girl is Coming Together, or The Dance
11/22/08, AEDM #21
Golden Fluid Acrylics on Paper, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

I fell asleep again, right after putting the kids down. Konked out. Probably was asleep before the boy was. So I didn't paint last night, or get my writing done for the day, either. This Flying Girl was done this morning, while the kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons/hanging off of my knees.

This is the dance of my life lately. Finding the balance between my personal goals and needs and the goals and needs of being a mother. Sometimes I have all my hoarded nap time to create. Sometimes family calls and the energy goes elsewhere. Sometimes the nap gets cut short or I need my own sleep more than I need to paint. Sometimes I ignore sensible things for the life of the mind, sometimes I put creating off for taking care of business. Sometimes I manage it all at the same time, but then collapse.

Come together, dance apart. Solo. Grand Jete. Pirouette. Pas de Deux. Jazz Hands.

This painting could be a romantic thing. Sure it could. Love and marriage and the dance of a relationship. That is it's own dance. But for me right now, the dance is between artist and mom.

Nano: still 41480. Nada yesterday.

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Kate Lord Brown said...

Jazz hands Rowena ... thank you. Somehow even the thought of that makes me smile. So glad FG has a little something going on! It's like the flowers are auras (or forcefields?) - lot of energy there, potential connection ...

Lynn said...

Interesting when I look at it after hearing about your trying to strike a balance I see the "force field" pulling them away from each other as they try to push forward...lovely, lovely painting and it is quite amazing that you can do this with kids hanging off your knees. Such talent!!!

Helen said...

I love how they're gathering flowers while they're dancing. I think we all have to do that. Even though life gets busy, find beauty.

ina said...

the dance is between artist and mom

i am dancing, too. and mom sometimes steps on artist's toes and then artist becomes a wallflower waiting for the music to start again.

unbelievably, my word verification word is: "trials."

Natasha said...

I wish I could express how much I like moved me. Rowena is this one for sale? Can you let me know -

It's nice to feel connected to others doing the dance

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