Thursday, April 30, 2009

"remember" says the Girl in the Wings

"remember" says the Girl in the Wings
ACEO, acrylic on paper 2.5"x3.5"

This painting comes from the Illustration Friday prompt "theater".

Actually, there's more to it. I have a much larger work... or two not so much larger works... that really give the frame for this piece. (Not sure how much my life supports larger works. I may have to go a little smaller. Not enough time or focus to detail the bigger things.)

The image that you can't see shows a couple in formal dress dancing a waltz on stage. It looks like the perfect image of love, but beneath the stage, are shadowy figures who are doing all the work that makes the performers look effortless.

That's my idea here of theater. The appearance, the show, what everybody sees on the outside, and how it is supported by creatures dressed in black, scuttling around, doing the dirty work, getting angry and anxious and finding the words to say, and keeping the energy going. Who prompts the beautiful lovers when they have lost their words of love?

This girl does. She likes the shadows and she can't dance, but she will remind you where you are going next... because she knows where you came from.

and if you have any inspiration for my next works, leave a comment on this post, and you might win a print of the painting you inspire.


cupcakesandcoffee schwartz said...


ConverseMomma said...

I love the image, as if something so evocative is stealing her breath.

Anonymous said...

You have such great thoughts about your work. For all the words in my work, I can rarely think of any words to explain or describe them.

aquamaureen said...

Hi Rowena . . . I check your blog just about every day . . .and you usually have something new posted. But it's Monday now and this latest post is from Thursday . . . and I just wanted to know if you are okay. You mentioned recently having a major funk day . .. just wanted you to know somebody (me) was concerned about you.

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