Monday, April 27, 2009

Turning the Lens Around A Bit

Portrait of Mama
by Ivy, my 2 year old daughter who still has to grasp some of the fine points of aiming and focusing.

Happy new week, everybody.

I'm so excited. Jess Gonacha over at Pecannoot has posted an interview with me.

I am very proud to be a part of her interview series and have loved all the previous interviews. Pecannoot is about abundance and productivity and art and all sorts of wonderful positive things. Such a great thing to be focusing on the yesses in the world today instead of all the nononos.

Check out my interview and stay to see what other wonderful things are in the Pecannoot world, as well as Jess's etsy, blog, and website.


Carmen said...

Great interview on Pecannoot!!

Shell said...

Just read your interview at Jess' place. I enjoyed it and wanted to say I love your art. I read you were from The Bronx! I am too and still live her. Wanted to just send you some love and say hi.

aimee said...

hi, rowena - i was WOWED by your interview on pecannoot - i'm putting you in my google reader right now!

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