Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Gold Fish Pond

The Goldfish Pond
Ttv (through the viewfinder) casio exilm through Duaflex II

You'll have to excuse me folks, I am in a huge funk.

This is despite the fact that some good things are happening. The publishing of today's BlissChick interview (the Rowena of that interview has much more wisdom than the Rowena of this post, so go see what she has to say instead of me). The recent publishing of my Pecannoot interview (seriously, funk here, go there). Even hitting my 500th post and having a subsequent giveaway. These are good things.

And yet, life is conspiring in a way to make it really hard to be positive.

I am trying, though. I am trying.

As evidence, my photo above.

See the beautiful feast of flowers that are blooming in the muck of our little goldfish pond? Despite the showers of dirt and pebbles and who knows what that my littles have been dumping in there for a year, they are lush and gorgeous.

Is there a metaphor here? Out of the muck of the swamp(ish) the beauty is born.

Waiting for those blossoms, here.


LissaL said...

Your analogy of the muck is so true. Thanks for putting yourself out there and acknowledging the good things and also admitting that life is not perfect. Healing & uplifting vibes are being sent your way:)

Juliet Colors said...

Gorgeous picture. Hang in there. If I know anything about huge funks, I know that they don't usually last long. :-)

Lynn Cohen said...

Sometimes when a lot of GOOD things are happening to me, especially after a huge success (like getting three of my pieces in the juried art show) I got into a funk...sort of a crash landing from the high I got myself on...Luckily it doesn't last long and I am up and creating/rolling again! I hope you are up soon too.
The fish pond photo is pretty and interesting too.

Sarah (Rebel Cat) said...

Just remember, This Too Shall Pass. =0)

Unknown said...

Simply stunning.

Loni Edwards said...

Beautiful picture! Congrats on all the positive things that are going on. Keep trying to focus on those things and not the negative. Hang in there :)

Coreopsis said...

Yes--I think the metaphor is apt. And so true. There is beauty everywhere, and muck everywhere, but if you look for the beauty (as in this luminous picture), you'll see it.

Leah said...

Yes, it's the metaphor of the lotus. Out of the muck. I also like the expression, "your mess is your message." (or something like that.) Sharing your ups and downs is part of what draws people to you! It's real.

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