Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hello Ladies! Winter Spring Summer and Fall

acrylic on 140lb watercolor paper 2.5"x3.5" ACEOs
clockwise from top right
Girl of the Blooming Sun
Girl of the Bold Path
Girl of the Falling Leaves
Girl of the Bees

Funny how when I put these girls together, I realized that they were the four seasons.

I had mean Blooming Sun to be summer, but she could just as easily be late Spring when the flowers are in bloom. Isn't she gorgeous? She reminds me of an old time Hollywood movie star. When they wore emu mules and chiffon and full face make up to lounge around the house. Of course she would have a crown of flowers.

And Bold Path came out of the Inspire Me Thursday prompt for "key." I drew a girl, I drew a key, I asked myself..."what is this the key to?" And as she appeared, I realized it was the key to living a life outside of the box, going for dreams no matter what everyone else is doing. Thus the magenta hair, I suppose. But the whole key is that she is bold and she is brave, and she carries on although she is afraid.

Falling Leaves? Well. I was outside in the garden, watching the gold and brown leaves fall off the trees while the Spring green ones grew in. Spring in Florida is weird. Everything is yellowed and heavy. The weather is stunning, but there is no clear blue, crisp white, pale green, blushing pink of Spring in New York. I miss the Spring there, the renewal. But it's also lovely. I mean, I've been hanging out in the garden steadily for the last month, and I know the northerners have been fighting snow, still.

Ahh... see... there it is. When I painted her, Falling Leaves was about learning to let go of things and enjoying the beauty that is there. A tree doesn't hang on to her leaves when they turn bronze? She revels in the blaze of color and then releases them so she can move on to the next stage of life. I should take the lesson from this girl.

And Bees. Oh Bees. I love Bees. I love her serene face. I love the little buzzers crowning her head. I love the blue background and how she seems to emanate light. I love the ovals of face and hair and hive. She is not stung by those bees. How? Is she the Queen? Is she the one that cares for them. She's no flower, she's golden and calm.

So here are my latest goddess girls. Sorry that they are late. I had a very full day yesterday and couldn't get to the whole process of photo/edit/upload/write/post.

I will be putting the original ACEOs up in my shop as the day goes on. Come see!


Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog anonymously, because I'm a scaredy cat, but I love your work and since you've been painting the "girls" I've been waiting for 'mine' and now you've painted Girl of the Falling Leaves. I can't afford her, but I don't care, if I can get her in time, she's mine. I love leaves, I'm a jeweller (sorta) and her red hair and what she stands for are all perfect - she's gorgeous and she feels like mine. I've even made an oak leaf pendant like that in silver.

Thanks for your wonderful blog, I read every day and am always warmed and inspired by it.

Karen Smithey said...

These are wonderful!

Isn't it great how, when you can just let go, things fall together in their own, perfect, serendipitous way?


Unknown said...

how fantastic, rowena. all of your posts are always so thoughtful, and i love that your paintings seem to teach you things about your life. isn't that was making art SHOULD do? YES. gorgeous!

ConverseMomma said...

Do you create everyday? I need to discipline myself to do that too.

Aimee Sicuro said...

great post Rowena! I really think creating everyday is the key. It's tough sometimes but once you get started, it's hard to stop.

Paul said...

Beautiful work! I really like this piece.

Karen Salva said...

Rowena! You really can capture the beauty in their faces perfectly. I don't know how you do it on such a small size but you do it! I would love to feature the girl of bees of course...and may have to go see if it is sold yet!

cupcakesandcoffee schwartz said...

Seriously. This is my FAVORITE one! I know I have said that before on your blog, but really...I love this one :)

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