Thursday, April 23, 2009

It Lets The Light Come In

Garden at Sun Down

Change is hard.

Maybe some of you have a fun time when the world is all topsy turvy. To you I say... how do you do it?

But still.

I understand something about hard times. It's taken me 38 years to get there, but there is a bit of understanding.

What I understand is that if you make your way through it, you get to new places, where the light shines brighter and the sun is warmer.

Oh, it's trite alright. It's always darkest before the dawn. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Yadda yadda. But I've learned it from the inside out.

I begin to believe.

The tough times are still tough, but they don't trap me as much as they used to. Or if they do, it doesn't last as long.

I understand. I see. I start looking for the light when it feels like things can't get any darker.

And I start looking for the new, too.

When things start feeling like they don't fit quite right. When my skin is a bit too tight and uncomfortable, I start looking for that new path. A detour maybe. I start remembering that just because I set myself on this path does not mean I am chained to it.

Things change. They always change. We might fight it, but that detour that takes us from our comfortable is sometimes necessary to get us to where we really need to go.

Oh pfiffle pfaffle. Rowena, what the heck are you talking about?

I don't really know.

I'll tell you when I figure it out.


Anonymous said...

You make perfect sense to me, Rowena. I don't know what that says about either of us! :)

Perhaps it just demonstrates that we are not alone. Yes, I like that.

Genie Sea said...

LOL! Hugs :) I hear you :)

Amanda Fall - Sprout editor said...

Gorgeous photo. I'm always so drawn to images like that...the darkness only serves to make the lit area brighter and more beautiful.

I miss seeing your work on TST!

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