Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Girls of Flowers, of Words, of Stars

ACEO goddess girls
(l-r) Girl of the Wildflower, Poetess, or Girl of the Words, and Girl of the First Star
Mixed media paintings, acrylic, newspaper, watercolor pencil, marker on 2.5x3.5" watercolor paper.

Maybe there's a reason why I am having such trouble connecting with the Flying Girls lately, and only seem to be able to create these Goddess Girls.

I have a lot more on my plate right now, and my time is divided into even smaller parcels. I have less brain space for focus, for larger paintings (which is funny, since they're only 7"x10") or for more complicated concepts. So, the simpler girls and their simpler backgrounds and smaller size. Although the detail is quite precise, there's less of everything.

Anyway, these girls are all inspired by color. The poetess, in the middle, is inspired by National Poetry Month. I like to think of her as a kind of Anais Nin character, wild and free, exploring new boundaries of culture and art. Me, I'm a different kind of poet. I steal moments before a child can interrupt, trying to find poetry again. I've taken on the challenge of writing a poem a day for the month of April, in hopes that I can get back to her... poetry, I mean. Maybe this goddess girl is meant to inspire me?

Wildflower is my hippie girl. I like her. I like her simplicity, the wild flowers and pony tails. That's all we need sometimes, wildflowers, blue skies, and barefeet running through a field. Sounds good no?

And then there's First Star. She reminds me of dreams. Wish I may, wish I might have the wish I wish tonight. And her blue eyes are swooningly deep. What is with that little crooked smile, though? Perhaps she knows that what we wish for will never quite turn out like we imagine?

I'm going to close these disjointed thoughts and maybe work a little more on a Flying Girl I have going on. Maybe I'll manage to post some of these Goddess Girls in the shop tonight. Keep your eyes open, I sold 4 this past weekend! Some of my favorites.


septembermom said...

These Goddess Girls are great. I love the poetess of course. She may be the muse I need some days! I feel like running barefoot in a field today. It would feel nice and liberating.

Genie Sea said...

I still think these would make an awesome Goddess deck! Why have only a few when you can have them all?

Rowena said...

I have always wanted to make my own tarot deck, like you did, Genie, but I feel like it takes a bit of research. These girls as a Goddess Deck? Think of them as practice. I think I'd want them a little more layered and a little bigger. But I'm still thinking of it.

And Septembermom, I need the muse, too. Maybe I'd do as well to read some of Anais' journals. I wonder what muse I will need tonight? I painted one last night, but I'm not feeling her. Maybe I can fix her today.

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