Sunday, November 30, 2008

The End, or Coming Around to the Beginning Again

I've Got the World on a String
11/30/08 AEDM #29 and #30
Golden Fluid Acrylic, Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen

I did it! Finished nanowrimo yesterday at 52, 104 words. I am now a winner. This is the closest I have ever cut it... although apparently last year, I didn't validate my word count correctly.

More importantly than finishing for nanowrimo, I do not feel burnt out. Well, a little, but the pressure is off a little. I want to finish this book, which I think I can do in 20k words. Then I have to revise both the first and second books (both last years part one and this years part two.) Shh. Don't tell anyone. I kind of cheated by working on a book that was already in progress. Well, I hadn't picked it up in a year and I did not read it over, and it was with a distinct change in pov and setting, so it really was like a sequel, which is allowed.

As for the revision, I think both books will be cut majorly, as I weed out the extraneous babble and focus on the journey of the story. I'm thinking this is a simple Hero's Journey, and I need to brush up on that format. That will get rid of a lot of the fluff. But boy, the revision is going to be a monumental task. I probably have about 300 thousand words to go through. Makes nanowrimo look wimpy by comparison, doesn't it?

I recently found out that Water For Elephants, by Sarah Gruen was a nano novel. Loved that book. My faith is strengthened. Best Seller List, here we come.

As for the painting... I drew a quick sketch last night, feeling exhausted and not really wanting to do another whole painting. Then I did a quick paint job this afternoon, wanting more than just pen drawing. I kind of like the crochet look of the golden lotus in The World.

Do I feel like I have the world on a string? Not really, but I can't get the song out of my head. And I've been having mandalas on the brain, too. So this is what came out.

Right now, I want to go to my room and work on my novel some more. I still have quite a bit to go and I am hitting the climax. Maybe I don't have that much farther to go. But anyway, there's stuff to write before naptime is over, so congrats to all nanowrimo winners and participants. Even trying to write nano is an achievement in my mind. And thank you to all the AEDM participants. It was a blast creating with you, even when it hurt to pick up a paintbrush.

Just remember folks... creativity doesn't have to stop just because the challenges are over.

Love and Paint and Ink,


Kate Lord Brown said...

Yey - congrats rosymamacita! x

Jen Lee said...

Congratulations--you inspire me!

Marta said...

Congratulations! Keep going. I'm right there with you.

Jul said...


And I agree, let the creativity continue! I love the momentum that AEDM has given me.

jess gonacha said...

wwot! it feels so good to finish things. :) and the painting is LOVELY! great colors.

paintandink said...

"I recently found out that Water For Elephants, by Sarah Gruen was a nano novel."

You just opened up worlds of hope for me with that statement :) Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on your accomplishment.

Jim Carter said...

i love this painting - excellent work :)

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