Friday, November 14, 2008

Eclipse, or Nothing/Everything

Eclipse, or Nothing/Everything
11/13/08 AEDM #13
Golden Fluid Acrylics

This is the card of nothingness. In nothing, there is everything. In silence, you can hear the speaking of your soul. In the calm of breathing, you can discover all your hopes and strength and the truth of what is really there.

This image speaks to your need to let go. Do not hold on to your list of To Dos. Do not grasp onto your idea of everything you SHOULD be. Let go of the past and all the voices telling you who you are/were/will never be. Release the clutter. Purge your garbage. Don't hold on to things because they might be meaningful some day. Get rid of that fear that no longer serves its purpose. Become empty. Become ready.

In order to receive what the universe has to give you, you must leave an opening. The emptiness waits to be filled. In the nothing, there is nothing that can stop you.

Nothing reversed, speaks to, not a zen beingness of now, but a refusal to face the emptiness, and thus a rebellion against meaning.

If life seems to have become meaningless, then you need to address the fear and pain that is keeping your from what is really important to you. If you have lost hope, face the pain of your heartbreak, and realize your strength even in the face of failure. If there is a lack of love, face the fear of loss that is always a possibility, and love anyway. If there is a lack of money, address your feelings of undeserving. This emptiness is not true emptiness, but a crowded space filled with hurt. Address the hurt, accept it. Release it. Be Free.
I had nothing to paint last night. Pages of ideas in my notebook and a pencil and sketches at my disposal and NOTHING felt right. My brain was full of nothing.

That was too easy, I thought. That couldn't count as creating, as art, as meaning. That was just laziness. The image of a circle on a black background kept coming back. I looked up at the ceiling for inspiration, and the fan spun in circles. I turned to the tv and ads for Heroes were full of "eclipse." I closed my eyes, there was the ring.

And this is my second try with this concept, after I got a reference photo of an actual eclipse. Did you know that when the moon blocks out the sun's light you can see better the shape of the actual sun, and all its flare ups and storms? Nothing turns out to be really hard.

So here's my nothing.

It's already helped me maintain my patience in the face of multiple puddles and screaming, giggling, dancing messes. And it helped me get up and dance with them.

I wish nothing for you today, too.

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paintandink said...

An incredible post.

deb said...

Beauteous. :)


Squirrel said...

These cards are so evocative and contrasting, I hope you print and package them. I'd love a story of how to use them -- I don't know anything about Tarot -- or make up a story, or have us make up stories with your cards.

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