Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nanowrimo Day 4, updates and info

I've been frustrated on the nanowrimo site because the author search is down, so I can't locate anyone to buddy up. Silly me. I should have checked out the forums to solve the problem. This is the advice that the moderator, "Lousy Writer 13" gave:

The Author Search mechanism is temporarily disabled while we work out the site performance issues. It will be back.

In the meantime, if you know the username for the person you want to add, you can search with google and find their profile, using the following search term:

site:nanowrimo.org username

Where you replace username with the actual name you're looking for. So, if I were looking for the original poster on this thread, I'd search:

site:nanowrimo.org Ahshera

One of the first links will usually be a link to the profile and then you can click the "add as buddy" link on their profile page.

Also, if you see (or send) a NaNoMail to the person, or see their names here in the forums, you can click on their names in these places and get to their profiles as well, then use the "add as buddy" link.

I hope this helps.

It's a little cumbersome, but nano is famous for being full of bugs and completely overwhelmed in the first few days of November. If you are desperate to find your folks, try this method.

On another note, I achieved my nap time writing and am now at 10110 words. I am doing roughly 25oo words a day. In years past, I did 5000 words a day, or so for the first weekish, and then when the adrenaline and anxiety wore off, I slacked. Last year, I pretty much stopped writing half way through November, but had already reached the word goal.

I really am looking to find a happy medium between writing like a demon possessed and not writing at all. I mean, I got a good word count today, but have done no household tasks, neither sweeping the cheerios nor making the meat loaf.

I have however finished creating my charts. I always do this by hand. I like the way it feels when I fill in my word count with hilighters. I like seeing a graph, and I like holding it in my hand. I know I could do it on the computer, but where is the fun in that?

I also started a glossary in my notebook. You see, I am creating a world, so I need to keep track of the beasties and flowers I create. And I want to use the same "rules" to create different flora and fauna. It's not the land of the weird and freaky, it's just a different kind of normal that only seems weird until you understand the rules of creation.

It's kind of fun, imagining new plants. I just created a tree that has pear shaped luminescent globes hanging from it's black branches. Don't worry, I will be using it to further the story, as a sight seeing trip to witness these trees at sundown will be part of the plot to kidnap the MC.

If you would like to buddy up, I am rosymamacita over on nanowrimo. Or hey, I could just link to my homepage. Just write a note to tell me of the name I would know you under, or that you're a reader of my blog, otherwise, I will get even more confuzzled.

OH. PS. It's backup yer novel day or whatever the such they named it on nano. Always a good reminder. Send your novel to your email, at least. It can't hurt to have that on file. Unless you've lost a novel in progress, you don't know how devastating it can be. I have. Trust me.


Shelly Lowenkopf said...

Your notebook sounds like an extraordinary read.

soulbrush said...

i haven't got a clue what this is all about,my first time doing nanowrimo i am just writing every day, saving it and then at the end of the month will send it in -somewhere-.....any advice please?

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