Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Flying Girl and the Long and Winding Road Home, or Solstice

Flying Girl and the Long and Winding Road Home, or Solstice
Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils, Golden Fluid Acrylic
AEDM # 3

nanowrimo wordcount so far? 7474 (I haven't gotten to write yet today, because S went back to work, and I lost my baby watcher during the morning hours. So writing is for nap time, which will probably be the regular time as the month continues. But I am posting while the kids watch Word Wold on PBS, so that I can clear up my nap time for Nano. We'll see if this works for productivity.)

I like this Flying Girl. And she was quick to paint, too. Probably because I did the undersketch during the day when I was inspired by Jess Gonacha's post. I drew the background in watercolor pencils and then, when it was time to sit down that night to paint, I went over the drawing with a translucent white acrylic and it blended and faded the color without covering it. Most of that background is just sheer white over the white page. And I enjoyed painting the FG in her red coat and plaid skirt and braids. The little red house was a no brainer, because one really needs a place to go on a snowy night like this one.

The scarf, however, took on a life of it's own, twisting and turning as I painted, without plan. That, perhaps influenced the title. It is true that our paths to our hearts' desire are often full of detours and delays that we never expected when we first set out on the journey.

And the solstice? Well, perhaps I've been influenced by the ending of Daylight Savings time (or is it the beginning, I always get that confused)? As the days get shorter and shorter and the night gets longer, I was thinking of the darkest day of the year. The longest night. The Winter Solstice.

But the good thing about the darkest night of the year is that every night after that gets shorter and shorter as the sun returns. Perhaps this is about my personal journey. Perhaps this is about the journey of my country.

If you're an American on this most American of all days, get out and VOTE! :)

We could use some sun in these here parts.


Cat said...

OK, THIS one might be my new favorite! I love the small hearts and the house in the distance. I still totally dig the Halloween one, too :)

Karen Mowrey said...

I am such a sucker for winter scenes, I really adore this one! It is so festive and of course I don't really know any other winter solstice other than one with snow or at least a red coat!

jen hook said...

very lovely!
we don't get much snow where I live and scenes like this always capture my imagination.

carin.c said...

Yes - my favorite part is the winding scarf, our life paths are always changing course on us. Also love the litle red house and the snowy footprints heading toward it. Warmth in the cold for sure.

D'Arcy said...

REminds me of Jo March....I love it.

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