Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankful and Reconsidering Creativity

I didn't do a painting last night. Are you kidding? I was practically falling asleep on my feet. I did a lot of creating, but not with paper and paint. Cooking, kid raising, and so on, but, I realized I did do some sketching before the process of cooking Thanksgiving dinner got started. Here, I've ripped the sketch out of the note pad and placed it on top of a pink and green background that I made whenever I had leftover paint on my palette. I hate wasting good paint. So, I had greens from one painting and pinks from another and they became a kind of seascape. The sketch (AEDM #27) is an idea for "Freak Flag Fly, or Weirdo" except I spelled weirdo wrong. Here's to still having problems with i before e. except in weird cases.

Well, I am thankful that I am weird. I have not only gotten used to being different from most people, I have also begun to really like it.

I'm also thankful for Thanksgiving leftovers.

I had my mom's cherry pie for breakfast. I am thankful that I'm a grown up and can have cherry pie for breakfast without someone saying, "you can't have sweets for breakfast." No that doesn't sound like me--uhm, yes it does.

I am thankful for guava paste and gouda that I had for a snack. My mom brought it. It was apparently a favorite of my Spanish Grandfather's.

I am thankful for hearing more stories about my rich family traditions... from all over the world. She also told a story of how he brought back some amontillado sherry from Spain one year, and it was the best wine she'd ever tasted. This is my father's father, you see, not my mother's. PS. Guava paste and gouda sounds gross, but it's really tasty!

I am thankful that I tried to make my Puerto Rican Grandmother's rice and beans with sausage stuffing. It turned out pretty good, although it doesn't taste quite like hers.

I am thankful that I could share that Puerto Rican tradition with my non Puerto Rican uncle and stepfather.

I am thankful for rice and beans and sausage stuffing for lunch.

I am thankful for many many things... other than food.

Like a laundry machine so that I can wash the MANY changes of clothing that my kids are going through every three hours, it seems. ugh. Stop making messes.

And thankful for this house, with the laundry, dishwasher, fire place, computer, play room, etcetera.

Thankful for my camera so that I could take pictures, and let my kids take pictures, too. The fireplace picture was taken by G.Thankful for the family, this is my mom (who did most of the clean up while I put the kids to bed) and my stepfather. My uncle is somehow out of the picture. This picture was taken by Ivy... although I think I helped her with this one. It's pretty durn good for a one and half year old.

I am thankful also for my readers and the fun I've had with them and my fellow bloggers this past year.

I am thankful that I only have 6 thousand or so words left before I hit 50k in nanowrimo.... because I have not been doing well at getting that word count out lately. And thankful I still have some time to write today.

I am thankful, always thankful, for the possibilities that lay before me, before my family, before the very world. I am thankful, and hopeful, for the future.


Natasha said...

R- I love all the things you are thankful for and your sketch. The pictures are great - your Mom is beautiful...she looks like a warm soul.

I am thankful for Warrior Girl who inspires me and teaches me new things all the time...thanks for sharing the beauty within you here.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Go for it! So close NaNo, you can do it! Lovely images - happy Thanksgiving to you and yours x

Lynn said...

I love the photo of your mother and step father. She looks sad, or maybe tired. But beautiful.
Yes, so much to be grateful for.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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