Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Flying Girl Draws Close and Looks in the Window, or Vacancy

Flying Girl Draws Close and Looks in the Window, or Vacancy
Golden Fluid Acrylic

This is a departure. A close up of Flying Girl. How odd. I don't know why she came so close, instead of staying in her usual horizontal landscape distance. I had been thinking about Illustration Friday and their prompt of Vacant, in fact I even drew a sketch of a landscape FG, but it was off and I turned the page and imagined the reflection of a window in her eyes and then she was there.

Maybe also it was different because I was watching the election results at the same time and my nervous energy was a strange state.

Maybe this really is a different world we are about to enter.

Maybe there are open spaces for those of us who couldn't quite find the way in before.

Maybe it will be a more welcoming world from now on.

Maybe this is the beginning of being able to see a country where some of us can now feel more at home.

There is, finally, room at this inn for all of us.


Squirrel said...

This is very beautiful, both the wistful face and the sentiment of the writing. Of both: I want more. I hope your blog isn't going away??

Leah said...

i love the way you did the windows in the eyes, rowena.

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

The key to everything hangs about her neck. She will represent us in our curiosity.

INDIGENE said...

Beautiful and so 1930s...fabulous!

Rowena said...

My uncle said she looks like Bette Davis. We'd seen something on PBS the day before, so that influence must have been there subconsciously.

Those keys keep showing up. It's interesting to see which themes do. Keys, houses... well, I would like to find a new home. I guess it's not that obscure.

I'm not going anywhere, as far as I know, just on my regular, you know... journey of discovery.

Paintbrush in hand. :)

Lynn said...

;-) ;-) :-)
beautifully drawn/painted/written

carin.c said...

I love the window reflected in her eyes... how interesting that she demanded a close up this time around?

mapelba said...

What a great surprise to come over here and have those eyes pop on my screen.

Maybe this world is changing. Maybe this will all work out. I'm excited and nervous...

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