Saturday, November 01, 2008

The End of The Big Draw, the Beginning of Nanowrimo

Happy Halloween
October 31, 2008
TBD #31

The kids and a friend off on their first trick or treat. G was a ghost, and Ivy was a kitten, as was their buddy. They went to the most amazingest awesomest trick or treat event I have ever seen in my life. Nothing will top it, I'm pretty sure. This neighborhood was Halloween Central and they blocked off some streets for the festivities.And this was just one block, before the sun went down. It was crazy. People had whole scenes set up. Let's just say that they really enjoyed their first Trick or Treat.

TBD #30
Halloween Village "all aboard!"

We rode on a choo choo train on a track around Lakes Park in Florida. It was a beautiful park, but they had also set up these little villages and tunnels and spooky things. It was probably scarier at night, but it was fine the way it was for us.
TBD #29
Sand Town

Kids on the beach. Making sand buildings out of buckets and plastic cups. Ivy was afraid of the sand for some reason, and it got colder as we sat, but still fun.
TBD 28

A drawing of the painting in my hotel room.
Hand Again.

These are the last of my drawings. I have written 2,123 words this morning in my new novel. I like the voice and the tense, but I have to figure out how to balance dialog and action and description. As usual, I use too much exposition. I am working it out, though.

I am really behind here on the blog, though. It has to be expected, taking on so many projects and then taking a break between them.

It remains to be seen how I will be able to manage the whole thing. I do want to sign up for the nablopomo... but when I tried last time, I had some trouble... and you know I am on such a tight schedule that if something takes extra work and time, it might get tossed. I'm still working on it thought, so let's see.

Anyway, thanks for all your well wishes on my break taking. I think it was a good thing, and I did it without any guilt. It remains to be seen if it serves to keep the productivity going as was my intention.

I'm going to try to get back to the Flying Girls, but Halloween, and all it's activity, was a bad day to get it done. I have a couple of ideas rattling around in my head.

See you tomorrow, maybe FG will pop up and surprise us with something new.


mapelba said...

I don't worry too much about balancing anything at this point. I just write knowing that I will have to take it all apart and work on balance later.

I can't find the search author area of NaNo right now. I think it is down. But I'll keep trying to find you.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Me neither - I was looking for you and Marta but I think they've disabled the search. Will buddy up when it's back in action. Let's just write girls - write like the wind! x

Lynn said...

I expect to see Flying Girl flying across a full moon on her broom!

The drawing the the girls is cute and so glad they had such a fun and wonderful Halloween.

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