Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fairy, or Believe

Fairy, or Believe
11/15/08 AEDM #15
Golden Fluid Acrylic

Not everything has to be so serious all the time. This is the Fairy Princess, she of little girls sparkle wings and flower dresses.

Fairy points to the power of imagination, the power of looking for the magic in the everyday, the joy of finding beauty in small things. This image says take it easy, have fun. Remember what it is like to dance in a circle and laugh until you get weak. Lay in the grass and hunt for clover. Watch the clouds change shapes and look for the dragon in them.

This is the card that reminds you of the power your mind has to create happiness and loveliness. It reminds you that summer is wonderful, but fleeting, and so you might as well make daisy chains while the flowers are there. Indulge your girlie side and have fun with sparkly things and cupcakes. Let the child in you free and build a cushion fort or a crown of fallen leaves or a fairy house in the woods. Revisit childhood favorites, like The Wizard of Oz or The Wind in the Willows, or Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup with fish crackers.

Stop trying to be so serious all the time.

But of course, there must be a dark side to this card. Reversed, this could mean that you have let your fantasies take over and no longer have your feet on the ground. It might be time to grow up a little, even if it is just enough to learn to do what you say you will do. Flowers are beautiful, but they are too delicate to build on. Remember that even in your joy and imagination, fairy houses are not for real live people. People need tougher stuff to live on. Focus some time on taking care of things, people, jobs, goals, laundry... whatever it is you have been ignoring for the pretty things. There is room for both imagination and reality in a balanced life.

Oy. I need more fun in my life.

This card came to me when I was anguishing over what to paint. So many ideas and I felt like none of them were right. None of them were perfect. (You'd think I'd have learned that perfection is unattainable by now.) And then I just felt like smacking myself in the head.

LIGHTEN UP! I said, and saw a fairy sticker on Ivy's potty chart after they went to bed, and said, hey, why not? I'm not really a fairy kinda gal... not the pretty girly kind, anyway. In my imagination, if there are faries, they're darker kind of creatures of myth and danger, not just pretty things flitting through the fields. But, hey, not everything has to be dark. Sometimes we can just have fun and make things in pastels and flowers. If I'd had glitter, I might have thrown that in there, to boot.

I'm easing up on my word count goals for nano, as I work through some sticky concepts. If it goes on much longer, I'm just going to skip ahead to the next scene, where I know what I need.

Really, I was trying to get my main character to meet a "goddess." Or at least the consciousness of a planet. Oops... did I give away my plot twist? Anyway, I decided that she has not earned that meeting yet. She has far to go on that journey. Still don't know how I am going to convey the information I need to convey in this scene. I am heading into skip-it territory. That might be the Fairy path. Fairy's a little flaky, maybe she doesn't always handle tough stuff... but she enjoys it while she can. And anyway, let's say I do handle the rough patch like a Fairy and float over the thistles... that's not to say I can't come back like some... lawnmower later on and mow those weeds down.


Natasha said...

I'm not a girly girl but I am a glitter girl and although you didn't throw that in my mind, she sparkles. I love all that she stands for - light and dark side of the card. I like that you let yourself have fun and allowed yourself to play - was it freeing?

Good luck with Nano - your feet are on the ground so I know you'll make the right choice about which path to take

linda said...

your fairy is how you painted her!

Anonymous said...

I love the sparkle on the ruby slippers as much as I love the wicked witch. Sometimes I'm light. Sometimes dark. The balance is harder some days than others.

The Fairy is beautiful too.

Lynn said...

lovely fairy...cute, fun.

Leah said...

super sweet little fairy. and i agree, we all need that balance between lightness and fun and feet on the ground.

and i had that struggle with perfection/non-perfection today too...gotta just laugh it off. :-)

Dia said...

I'm the kinda' girl who likes wearing dresses - go figure! & I love your fairy card & definitions - liked the interp. for the reverse - time to take care of business!!

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