Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Imagined Still-Life, or Garden with Gabriel and Ivy

Imagined Still-Life, or Garden with Gabriel and Ivy
11/25/08 AEDM #25
Golden Fluid Acrylics

I went a different way last night. No oracle, no Flying Girl. No. The kids playing in the garden with their uncle's dog. Balls, sticks, tempers flying. This could be a picture from life, those are the clothes they were wearing. They are standing next to our fish pond. But they are not allowed to stand so close to the pond, the grapefruit tree is on the other side of the garden, and, oh yeah... these kids are never this still.

If they were, G wouldn't have strands of hair sticking up all over the place that I was unable to snip during his hair cut. Oh well. I look at his hair cut as a rough draft of what will be, after I next get him to stand still for two minutes. This painting, too, is a rough draft. Or, at least it isn't quite finished.

I don't particularly like the background or the composition. I've been looking around at other artist's websites, and paying attention when they share their process. It is fascinating. I think I was particularly inspired by Amanda Blake (whom I adore) and how she created Norma Always Wore the Perfect Outfit. I never went to Art School, although I majored in art in High School. I got the basics, but I never got the chance to explore art concepts and techniques with other people when I was mature enough to go deep. I know there are benefits to being an autodidact and going on your independent inquiries into life, but sometimes I wonder what I missed. That's why I really enjoy when artists share what's behind the magic curtain.

I'm still learning about painting. I do a lot of experimenting, and the more I do, the more I learn. I guess any good artist will always be learning about their craft and their creativity. It is so much about the process. I believe that. That's why I share my process here, sometimes. But sometimes it's also about the product. I'm working on that, too.

Maybe I should stop painting everything in my journal, and start painting on proper paper... or canvas even. *gasp!*

As for writing, it's very interesting. I never show anyone the process of my writing. Nothing that's not perfect. No one has every read the first drafts of my novels, but I've posted my process of painting everyday on the world wide web. Go figure.

And yesterday, I watched Anne of Green Gables on PBS instead of writing furiously, so only managed 440 words.

nanowrimo total: 45870

This is the last day for the Flying Girl giveaway, so post before midnight if you want to be in the drawing.


Lynn said...

Yes, my first take was what is wrong with those kids, why are they standing so still? The pond is lovely with the flowers floating on top. I like all the colors but those kids need to move.
Just my humble opinion.
I think your art is terrific...I too am learning (about textile/mixed media art) from others blogs. There is so much to learn,
And I love Anne of Green Gables.

Cat said...

I love this one!! I know, I say that a lot about your art :) Oh wow--I just saw yesterdays!! We LOVE Mary Poppins around here, so FABULOUS!!!

Karen Mowrey said...

I think you are very brave even to attempt painting your kids in the first place. In my opinion it did not come out bad at all for an attempt at painting someone you know and love. Of course it is not going to come out the way you want at first, but I am impressed and I do like the background too.

Yes, Amanda Blake's process is amazing, l loved how she showed the "Norma" pictures. That Joe Sorren that m.heart posted about a while back had a "work in progress" that was great as well.

Happy Thanksgiving! My little turkey just got up way too early so my peaceful moments of catching up on blog reading are done for now.

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