Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me Giveaway! Flying Girl Flyaway!

Flying Girl and the Whale, or Messages from Below
11/19/08 AEDM #18
Golden Fluid Acrylic on Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper, 5"x7"

Flying Girl and the Ship, or Messages from Above
11/19/08 AEDM #19
Golden Fluid Acrylic on Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper, 5"x7"

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Giveaway to you!!!!!

My first giveaway. I'm so excited. I still do not have my tech up to get down to business and open my etsy store (although I believe we are getting close), BUT I really wanted to thank all of you who have visited and appreciated what I am doing.

So I painted a thank you!

I did these both this morning. Last night I was so tired I could not paint, and was disappointed, because I had been planning my surprise party giveaway for a while. But this morning, these two sisters rose out of the depths (or came down from above, depending on which sister) and demanded to be listened to.

They are both originals, not prints. I will give one of them away... you just get to choose which one. So here's how you can win.

1. Choose the sister who speaks to you. (Flying Girl and the Whale, or Flying Girl and the Ship)
2. Tell me in the comments what she is saying to you.
3. Make sure you leave a way for me to get in contact with you. (Look at that, you don't even need a blog.)
4. Be lucky... because I will draw numbers randomly. One entry per person.
5. Be timely, because the giveaway will end at midnight, Eastern Time, November 26. I will post the winner on Thursday, November 27th-- coincidentally Thanksgiving Day.

Yay! I'm so excited. Let's get this party started!!

PS I'm choosing these paintings for the Illustration Friday prompt of "opinion," because these sisters see things from different perspectives, and boy does that seem to influence their difference of opinions. Plus, you are offered a choice/opinion between the two.


Jed said...

Ha! I'm the first one.

Sister with whale.

I am the sister and the whale is saying "get the hell out of New York"

Erik said...

Sister with the whale.

My wife saw it and heard the message that we are all one. Perhaps, they are saying that to each other

Jul said...

So hard to choose - I love them both! I suppose I choose Flying Girl and the Ship. It's stormy, but I'm safe as long as I can fly. (I think I mentioned before, but I find myself identifying so much with flying girl since in my dreams I can always fly, no matter how otherwise realistic the dream. And it's always fun.)

Jul said...

PS - Happy birthday!

Melissa said...

First of all - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCORPIO SISTA! I hope the next year is full of sparkles and paint!

Second - Both of these pieces are as scrumptious as birthday cake. Mmmmmmm....I choose - Flying Girl and the Whale. I looked whale up in my 'Animal Speak' book. This is what it said to me "By drawing upon your own creative instincts, you can sing forth your own song." That really speaks to me because I so often see what others are doing and wish I could create like they do - but I need to be content in what I can do and simply admire the work of others.

~Whale Song~

Christy said...

From one scorpio to another--Happy Birthday Rowena! May you have another fantastic year filled with more creativity, excitement and suprises!

Flying girl and whale speaks to me about intuition and listening into the depths of ourselves.

Once, again, happy happy birthday! Many happy returns.

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Rowena,

For me it's the ship. Tall ships like this are part of the family history I have married into. My husband's grandfather went down with his schooner (fishing vessel) out of Nova Scotia at age 35. Our house is full of books on sea history, prints of ships, my husband sings sea shantis, and plays instruments of the time (concertinas, guitar) for this music. This beautiful painting with it's slightly errie, mystical feel to it calls out to hang on our walls.
Thank you for putting my name in the hopper:
They are both beautiful and it amazes me you could whip them out so quickly!

Steve Emery said...

Oooooo. I want the Flying Girl with Ship (Messages from Above - I have been getting those all week). It say's it's about going somewhere new and not looking back. Forward!

jennlui said...

a very special ~happy birthday~ to you!!! i wish for you a super fabulous year ahead full of everything your heart desires!!! yay!!!

wow such a great giveaway!!! the flying girl who speaks to me the most is flying girl and the ship... first of all i LOVE mermaids and second she seems so peaceful and calm during such a tumultuous storm. she reminds me to keep my calm even though things around are not.

ok i've got my fingers and toes crossed... how about that for lucky!!!

hope you had a super fun birthday day!!!

Shari said...

Flying Girl and the Whale

Biology class (way back in a year I won't mention because I really am still a teenager) Rowena sits at her desk...dreaming of being far away...instead of hearing about how DNA works in mammals she would much rather be swimming with one, free and happy.

The red drops represent the pain of her aching heart lifting away as she moves into this new and wonderful world...far away...

Shari (reach out to me on facebook or the email posted on facebook)

Jessica, Jackie and Ezra said...

These are fantastic! Great to see you have never stopped being an artist. We are partial to the whale. I think it is saying, "Could you give my nose a little rub? And maybe just a little scratch under the chin?"

Karen Mowrey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can not believe I went to work today, trapped for 12 hours without online access...writing this date...knowing it was your birthday...not being able to tell you and totally forgot before I left this morning to wish you a great day! I even left the house with the sense of forgeting something today as well. I hate that feeling.

Ok, this is wonderful of you to offer a give away of flying girl. I am terrified of deep water but somehow the whale painting speaks to me, the nature element of it maybe...communication without words. I just recently saw great photos of a blogger who is a volunteer naturalist and goes on whale watches "in the line of duty" and has touched them. I was blown away by this gentle giant and am blown away again seeing one in your art...the whale is trying to tell me something, but right now Happy Birthday Honey! You deserve it!

Christiane said...

Flying Girl with Whale.
Even if you're down, you're able to breath and see beautiful things, she says.
Happy Birthday!

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

First things first: Happy Birthday, with balloons, cup cakes, ice cream, streamers, confetti, and a set of Faber-Castell drawing pencils.

The whale speaks most because of the way it reminds me of the Ahab tendencies I have for good and for failure, a splendid object lesson on the uses of focus and dedication and the lessons to be had from them.

Then there is the Flying Girl who now represents to me the Mother of the Universe, Kali Ma, Herself, neither fearful of the whale nor trying to control him, posing for a photo op with another of the many universal forces available to her.

You really rocked with this one.

Kimmie said...

Flying Girl and the Whale.

She is saying to him, "I am sorry for all the killing my fathers did - you are beautiful and the killing was ugly ..."

And He is saying to her, "I forgive you and will try to survive for your children to behold my beauty ..."

Jena Strong said...

A day late and a dollar short, but here goes: Happy birthday, Rowena!

I prefer the first one - somehow invites me in more fully.

Have a beautiful year.

xo Jena

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday with appreciations to your mom for bringing you here. And with cupcakes too, of course.

At this moment I feel more like sailing than diving, and so I will go by ship.

Thanks for giving us this chance!

D'Arcy said...

Dear Rowena,

It's been such an amazing experience connecting with you this year. Daily seeing your introspection, like the Flying Girl and the whale. You've gone to deep places, you've felt a little heavy with the wieght of water on you. And yet, at the exact same moment, you are also Flying Girl in reach of her ship. You have sailed places this year (and taken me along) that have cast wind in your hair, that have put splinters in your hands and probably given you rope burn...and yet, it's your adventure.

You are quiet and you are fierce and both of those magnificent qualities shine through with this flying girls.

I hope one day to one one myself, when you get the time.

Happiest of Birthdays friend!!!!

Much Love,


D'Arcy said...

excuse the typos, I hope one day to own one myself! I am connecting with both of them for various reasons, so I will let you choose which drawing you enter me in!!

Thank you!!

lars said...

Rowena, Happy birthday!
that is so nice from you,I hope you get your website working soon.
We love both pictures but ended up to choose the Flying Girl and the Ship.
I used to sail with my father when I was younger...and it reminds me of that! Luke loves pirate boats :).
Thank you Susanne,Lars, Luke and Mia

Leah said...

happy, happy birthday to you!!

it's tough because whales and ships appear in my art a lot. how to choose! well, i'm going to go with the whale because they are such amazing creatures, spiritual beings somehow. i see the whale as helping the flying girl to trust her intuition.

Melissa said...

I'm so thrilled to have found your page! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I find both of these beautiful but I'm drawn to Flying Girl and the Whale. She is whispering, "find tranquility and peacefulness, seek the quiet within your mind." I think she also says, "hang me up in your son's room and he will have pleasant dreams!!" Ok, maybe I asked her to say that.
Thanks for having such a great contest!
M -

Helen said...

Oh, this is fun! Umm . . . I will choose the FG and the ship. I think she's saying "Don't be afraid of the storms. There's calm water ahead".
Hope you had a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!

I love FG and the Ship. I am a mermaid girl missing her ocean home most of the time and I want to sail down to meet my own flying girl as she soars through the sea.

soulbrush said...

happy happy birthday, and many many more.
i love fg and the ship:
" Oh dahling, how did you know i wanted one of these for my birthday?"

Juan said...

I love Flying Girl and the Whale :)

Happy Birthday Rowena!

Natasha said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! I'm so happy you are in the world!! I'm sorry I'm so late in getting here...major computer issues but I'm back...I heart Flying Girl and the Whale she is whispering..."Come closer. Open your heart." said...


what a beautiful name...i love your work. magic maker and past are fabulous!

messages from below/messages from above are also absolutely wonderful. they speak to me loud and clear. they should remain together as they work together to keep us grounded.

"anchored between heaven & earth"
is what they are both together saying to me.

connect deep into the ocean floor...dispell your negative energy to the center of the earth, then draw on earths energy and bring it up to the surface. reach up and out...sail... and connect out to the universe; capture the energy of the heavens and bring it back down to earth.

that's where we all should be...somewhere in the middle...grounded..."anchored between heaven & earth"

'flying girls' are really just your angels showing us the way! i love them...thank you for sharing and creating them.


Rowena said...

Hello lovey doveys.

Thank you for your kind birthday wishes.

I can't wait to do the drawing.

I will post the winner on Friday.

Stay tuned.

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