Thursday, November 06, 2008

Flying Girl and Magic Cat go for a Ride, or Circus

Flying Girl and Magic Cat go for a Ride, or Circus
11/5/08 AEDM #5
Golden Fluid Acrylic

nanowrimo total word count 13,238 daily w/c 3128

Flying Girl is looking for magic. Or maybe she has found it. It isn't about wizards and witches. It isn't in having lots of money or luxury. It isn't in having someone tell you that you're magic. It isn't in ceremony or old stories. It isn't in following the rules and following along the old ways of doing things.

Where did I find it?

I swept up stars today, with the cheerios.

My little girl stole my work steno pad so that she could lay on the floor and scribble her own work.

A giant palmetto bug joined the party on the boys potty training sticker chart, along with the scary halloween spider and monster stickers.

The cat learned how much fun pipe cleaners were and the kids learned how much fun cats are when they are having fun.

Every time I turned my attention to the television or internet, the world was involved in active HOPE, not disaster.

I managed to write over 3 thousand words, paint a new FG, make a meat loaf and take care of my beloved mess makers all in the same day.

The kids decorated the cat with unwinding spirals of pipe cleaners, thinking this was how cats played.

I realized how much my creative process is involved in NOT creating, but collecting the random firings of inspiration, busying myself with life while ideas turn over in my head, snack on chocolate, organize supplies, check email, sweep the cheerios, make meat loaf, listen to kids not going down for nap, overcome frustration, remember to breathe deeply, feed myself , give a baby a doll, write down notes, listen to tears, ideas, questions, requests.

Children's stories serve to soothe and calm my overexcited adult brain.

The possibilities of a toy circular are endlessly fascinating to a three year old.

Following a twinkle of a plot possibility opens up the story into something that gets realer and realer than what I had been planning and leads to excitement in me. I can't wait to write again today.

Colors, when they find the right association pop in your brain like sweet/tart candies.

So, although my day was not frustration free (like with how the boy refused to nap and ended his refusal with a screaming fit before he fell asleep, which woke up the girl who then could not get back to sleep, all during my writing time) I allowed the magic of the day into my routine.

I hope to do so more often. I hope to see the magic and to allow it to exist, instead of just ignoring it and letting it disintegrate into dust, just like those dang cheerios.


Son of Incogneato said...

Great picture! This is one of my favourites in the series. For some reason it brings to mind one of my all-time favourite album covers:

If you look closely you can even see the swirly things on the horse! The artist’s name is Maxwell Armfield. No, I‘ve never heard of him either.

And yes, magic is everywhere, isn’t it? It’s as easy as seeing the world through the eyes of a child.


honeybee said...

I love the cat too! She reminds me of my kitty, Angel. And I love how you found the magic in everyday life.

D'Arcy said...

honey, YOU are a miracle...and you see the miraculous in your day and that is breathtaking.

Flying Girl needs a book, she needs a to be inpring girls across the world, I want to spread the message of flying girl!

I need to catch up on your blog this weekend, it always enlightens my soul.

Thank you for you!

Kate Lord Brown said...

Hi! Love the cat ... your word count is awesome! Trying to find you at NaNo but the search facility is down. Meanwhile come on over ... I have something for you!

Squirrel said...

A meat loaf too? On top of this gorgeous little painting and everything else. I love the cat as well as the hairdo.

Leah said...

i love this one! the kitty is fabulous as is the way you've done her hair. and i agree, finding the magic everywhere is a much more enjoyable way to live.

D'Arcy said...

and this one, I want this one!!!!

I can't wait to read some of this new book. Your imagination takes mine for a ride every day my friend!!!

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