Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Comfort, or Cat

Comfort, or Cat
11/17/08 AEDM #17
Prismacolor Watercolor Pencil on Paper, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Comfort is here to remind you that, like a cat, you are at home in your own skin. The cat exists in the present. She does not worry about tomorrow or about yesterday. She never tries to do more than one thing at a time, other than sleeping and soaking up some sun. This cat could be in her own garden, or trekking across the world, it does not matter where she is, she is comfortable in her self.

Are you trying too hard to be something you are not, right here in the moment? Never mind that you might some day be that thing, maybe even tomorrow... if you are not there now, be HERE now. Eat when you are hungry. Run when the urge strikes you. Pay attention to the moment as it moves through you. Play with the butterflies as they flutter. Love the nap. Enjoy your own sensuousness, your sensuality, your senses. Eat your meal of fish and milk and lick your whiskers with satisfaction. Feel the briskness of the cold, or the warmth of the heat. Recognize that you are you, and where you are is where you are. Accept it. Enjoy it.

In the reverse, maybe you've been a little too self indulgent, lately. Maybe you really have forgotten that you must find a warm place for when the snows and rains come. It is time to enter the world with the rest of us, and expand your meaning to something outside of your own skin. Welcome new ideas. Open up your communications with others. Work for the future. Plan. Remember the people and places you have come from. This all can come together and create a full life and purpose.

Lately I have been realizing that I can not do everything, every day. Things fall through the cracks. The laundry, potty training, projects I have been meaning to do. I didn't even know there were comments on my other blog. I just wasn't paying attention.

Not only do I lose little bits of my living, but I also get very frustrated with the moment. I am not getting enough done, I always think, even if the moment is chock full of beingness and doingness.

Maybe I need to cut back on the multi tasking. Maybe I need to schedule in some single tasking.

I single tasked with Nano yesterday and broke through the plot rumple. I don't know if it's brilliant, but it got me out of the jam. The good thing about nano is that you just have to keep going, even if you're stuck, and oftentimes, if you keep going, you get unstuck. What do I mean, 'oftentimes?' Always. There's no room for whining about not being able to write when you are chasing 50 thousand words in a month.

I enjoy the chase... like a kitty cat enjoying the butterfly chase? Maybe more like enjoying the bird chase, with the possible end point of the-cat-that-ate-the-canary grin.

nanowrimo total 36641


D'Arcy said...

single tasking seems hard for me, I read blogs as I eat dinner as I watch the TV for a minute as I plan my day tomorrow as I think of the laundry to do as I wonder how to pay that bill...

I could learn a lot from that cat.

ConverseMomma said...

I am trying so hard to be something other than what I am afraid everyone thinks I should be, am, so much that I am getting lost. Thank you for this gentle reminder. This is a lovely space.

Leah said...

good for you for keeping up with everything, rowena! i'm totally impressed.

and of course, i love the kitty!

Anonymous said...

Single-tasking! Now there is an idea. So many things have fallen through the cracks around here, I'm bound to fall through one of those cracks myself too.

Love the cat.

Melissa said...

I'm so glad that you came by my blog so that I could come by yours and see this BBBBBBBeautiful cat! and these words that I hear myself tell myself often. "Don't 'worry' about then, be here now!" I really enjoyed the way that you said it too.

BTW, loving "Fairy, or Believe." She's gorgeous! The upswept hair is lovely.

~Kitten Kuddles~

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