Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Universe, or As Above So Below

The Universe, or As Above So Below
11/10/08 AEDM #10
Golden Fluid Acrylic, Pitt Artist Pen, gel pen

I like the way all things in the Universe run on a pattern. A tree can have the same basic shape as a river delta, or the veins in a hand or a vein of mineral in stone. Atoms make the same motions as solar systems. A mushroom grows the same as the spiral of cream that I pour into my coffee.

Look to where the patterns of your life repeat. What do you choose to do with your day? That is the direction of your life. If you spend your day in the pursuit of materialism, that is what your life is about. If you pursue daily the sacred, that is your life.

The things that you love, the things that are important, the ideas the fill you up, the images or colors that strike you, they will appear again and again, if you are willing to see them. If you capture them, and give them your attention and energy, they will expand.

Where is synchronicity at work in your life. According to The Universe, there is no coincidence. There is pattern. Pay attention to the patterns and follow them to find your heart's desire.

In the negative, think about where patterns might interfere with becoming the best you. Do you get angry at small things, when you are really angry at yourself? Do you procrastinate because you are afraid of being made responsible for actions? Where are you being self destructive? Drink, drugs, poor eating habits? Follow these patterns to find the root of it. Discover the shape of your traumas and work to heal those.

Above all, remember this. Negative or positive, the patterns that make you up make the universe up and they create a wondrous place of creativity and experience. Living is about experiencing these patterns and creating the meaning to the shape.

All in The Universe is, cosmically speaking, a part of the pattern.

How does this relate to my day? I have no idea. Only, I borrowed my step father's guitar yesterday and started to learn to play, something I have always wanted to do, and as I am learning to finger the keyboard and I am developing a callous on my pointer, the string snaps!


Sigh. Why does it always seem like when I am on a roll and excited about something, there is always a SNAP?

Is it a pattern? I am afraid I think that it is the Universe messing with me, sometimes. Laughing Ha Ha at me whenever I have a success. But then, maybe that's not the pattern, and it's just my silly little trauma that reads my life that way.

Maybe the reality of that pattern is that progress always comes in fits and starts. Maybe life is made up of hurdles and tests to our desires. Maybe it is the will that we show, the strength in overcoming difficulties that make our wins so valuable.

For instance, just because some people think that other people shouldn't have civil rights does not mean that they will never have them. Perhaps it is a lesson to us all not to take for granted what it means to HAVE these civil, even human rights. At a time where a member of one group FINALLY reaches the highest office in the country, another group is denied the right to a pretty basic civil state.

Perhaps it is a reminder to us all to remember the blessing of what it means to be self aware. Perhaps it is a reminder that in order to be free, we often have to fight for the rights of others to be free.

Hmm. Patterns. Small and personal or global and political.

And the pattern of my novel is continuing on.

nanowrimo total wordcount 26109. Over half done. I must soldier on instead of procrastinating, like I really want to do today.

I wonder what it is I am avoiding? What fears are rearing inside that haven't made it to the surface, yet?

How are patterns operating in your life lately? Are you using them to move forward, or are they taking over your own free will?

Can we change these patterns?


Lynn said...

I love your painting. I like the opposites, the up and the down, the inside and outside the earth (as I saw it)...the colors, etc.

The only pattern taking over my life is this that I am doing right now...looking a other's blogs and leaving comments...but I see so much good art and it stimulates me to do more in my own art area...
Today I visited a piece of mine hanging in the local art gallery. She looked good there next to
other artists paintings. I felt proud for and of her. I came away with more excitement,more jazz, more inspiration to create more.
So this pattern is good, it is moving me forward. It is positive.

m. heart said...

i love the graphic quality to this painting.

Tequitia said...


Squirrel said...

I love that painting and the concept you described of repetitive patterns in the large and tiny are Fractals and I believe there is an interesting blog exploring fractals call Fractalogy or something.

Son of Incogneato said...

Very cool. Your output is formidable, both in quality and quantity.
- Son

Leah said...

i love noticing patterns too. great art piece and great post!

i think patterns can change when we become aware of them and start to see other possibilities in them, other meanings.

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