Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wildest Dreams

What would YOU do if you woke up to find you were rich beyond your wildest dreams (let us not talk of how we got said riches.) This is the premise for Pink of Perfection's August project.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

That's me, laughing heartily. Is this a project, or what I do every day when the kids go to bed? Ah, but this is not just a question of monetary gluttony or materialism run rampant, this is a question that if you look at it just right can tell to you your deepest dreams.

The real question, underneath this question, is what would you do if you were free from the constraints that hold you down? No daily grind. No day job. No need to pay rent or worry about how to pay for junior's braces. What would you life look like if money were not a thing to cause anxiety and yoke you to the grind. What would you do if money were NOT an issue? What does your dream look like?

My dream: I would buy an old farm, probably in upstate New York, not too far from the City. I would renovate the house, and the out buildings, not necessarily to make it a working farm, although I would like some fruit trees, a kitchen and cutting garden, and perhaps some small animals, but to make it a community for all my friends and family. I would like to see the barns look something like this that I saw on maya*made, comfortable and beautiful places for my people to live full time or only in summers if they so desired. I would have a gorgeous studio where I could paint and write. I would also have someone come and clean the house sometimes, because I can admit when something is not my strong point. I would have some babysitting, so that I would be sure to spend my time on my creative work, and not spend all my energy on the daily duties. I would write my books and paint my pictures and run a business, without the stresses of whether or not I was making enough money to live on.

Of course, on my creative community farm/compound, I would host retreats and workshops, for people to come from everywhere to explore their creativity and what that creativity means to their souls. It would be a place of art and music, community, friendship, nature, diy and green energy, teaching and flowers, kids and books.

And since we are dreaming, since I am not just a country mouse, I would buy a brownstone in Greenwich Village in NYC where my sister could live, if she chose not to live on the compound, and where my family could come to visit whenever we got the jones for something more urban.

So that's my dream (simplified, there is more, but mostly about taking care of family members and a little travel) and I've examined it. Except for the brownstone part, it is not so crazy of a dream.

My dream is of a modest home (even my dream compound is just a rundown farm) filled with creativity and friendship. Yes, it would be nice not to have to worry about money ever, to not have to struggle and find ways to fit passions into the daily grind... but we have already discussed how perhaps the struggle is what helps us reach the greater goals. So when it comes down to it, my dream is not so far off. It is not unreachable.

So if I can SEE my goal, and I can BELIEVE that I have it within my power to ACHIEVE that goal, then I can take the steps to make it real. Not only that, but I can live my life NOW as if I were already on that road to my dreams. I do not have to wait for the financial windfall...which might, it is true, never happen, I can make that dream come true through persistence and focus and faith.

When you dream your biggest dreams, what are they made of? What is the true heart of that dream? Is it, like mine, about nesting and creating? Is it about travel and adventure? Is it about glamour and dazzle? Hey! I don't know, maybe you want to be a rock star. Whatever it is, can you start living the heart of that dream in real, if smaller, ways right now?


Anonymous said...

I have all these little dreams that fit into a larger one like I'd like open space near the ocean, I'd like to hear the waves crash on the shore at night, I'd like my daughter to be able to play on the beach, I'd like to finish my book, I'd like to learn to enjoy process more, I'd like to be a backup singer with a fabulous dress and big hair just once....these are many thing...thanks for setting my imagination on fire this journal is now calling....

Oh and I'd love to visit your'll get there kiddo...I know it

Anonymous said...

I'd live in London. My husband would have the right job for him, my son would love London, and I would write and make art all day.

We would travel when we wanted.

I could buy what I want from the grocery store without stressing about the price.

So. Let's go!

Kate Lord Brown said...

Great post - I love this conversation 'When we win the lottery ...' 'When the book is in the bestseller list ...' All I have ever wanted is a home (our own home) filled with colour, light, love and laughter. Period. PS well, if I could swan around it in size 10 jeans again that would be cool too.

Unknown said...

Wow, your dream sounds so much like mine (tho I'd probably be a bit further into northern NY and away from the city).

I'd love a little farmhouse with a creative studio (and I'd add a huge library), some fruit trees and a vegetable garden - maybe even a greenhouse... and then you added something I love but hadn't thought of (and should have): hosting retreats and workshops, bringing people in and sharing it... That's the real key to making it beautiful, isn't it?

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