Saturday, August 02, 2008

Step By Step: Making Dreams Real

Did I tell you how in order to take my career seriously, I put my money where my mouth was? I went to Dick Blick and bought lots of juicy art supplies. I started the order before I went to work the day that I quit unexpectedly. There were moments where I thought about cancelling the order, since I wouldn't be working anymore... but then I realized that I wasn't being luxurious. I wasn't being foolish. I was setting myself up for a better way of living.

Oh, it was so scary, my stomach still flip flops. But it was a necessary step. How else am I to achieve my dreams if I don't commit to them. Commit with time, commit with money, commit with energy. Say YES, instead of, well... I don't know... maybe it won't work out... it's pretty risky, maybe I should

How long have you been waiting for your dreams?

How long have you been paying attention to the immediate daily needs, and ignored the necessary steps to create the life you want to live? It's easy. Washing the dishes isn't scary. Maintaining the status quo is safe. Making sure everyone else is okay is a lot less confrontational than making sure you are fulfilling your deepest needs.

What is it? What do you need? What would make you feel that you were really on that path to your desires? Forget about the fears. Forget about the doubts. What is it? Do you have it? Do you know what you want? What does it look like when you have that goal?

Try this: Write down what your life would look like five years from now if you had that goal? What would your life look like three years from now if you were attaining that goal? How about 1 year from now? What are you doing to reach that five year goal? Break down the up coming year as if you were really going for your goals. What are you doing in six months? 3months? What are you doing in one month? What are the steps you need to take next to get there?

Pick one of those things, one thing you can commit to, right now. Today. One thing that is you on your path.

Now, do it.

Don't worry about the next step. Just this one. You've only got two legs. If you take too many steps at once, you'll fall down. Of course, you'll just pick yourself up and keep on going, because that's the kind of warrior you are. One real, brave step at a time.


Kate Lord Brown said...

Good on you Rowena - what's that old line about cracking eggs to make an omlette? You've taken a big step but trust your gut instinct. A few years ago I was still working full time with a baby I missed every single hour of the day. I sat down with a calculator and worked out what we needed to get by - and figured I could make that on my own terms, rather than being paid a tiny percentage of what I was bringing in to the consultancy. You can do it if you want to, and on your own terms. Have you sold your art professionally before? If I can help with any questions let me know (art consultancy was my 'day job' before I dropped out into the whole writing and parenting thing!) Best wishes Kate

Unknown said...

This rings absolutely true...and it is just this year that I discovered that most of what I want to accomplish is up to me, not anyone else. It's a freeing thought, but also scary to have the power and responsibilty and awareness for creating your reality!!

Hurray! You are a continuing inspiration to me and I am SO glad I found this blog this summer!!

Anonymous said...

May many people heed your words. May you have fun on your path.

Rowena said...

You guys rock, big time.

Kate I have never sold my art professionally, although I have shown at small cafes, and done some design work and even had a commission (family.) I may indeed get in contact with you about art consultancy.

D'arcy, I agree with you, it is a huge responsibility to be in charge of your own destiny. I recognized that while watching my HS students. They preferred to be the victim and fail, blaming others always, rather than accept responsibility for their failure, and more importantly, their possible successes. It was always frustrating to see them waste their potential.

mapelba: amen

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