Friday, April 27, 2012

Look for the little beauties, or Teapots

Look for the little beauties, or Teapots
pencil, watercolor, acrylic, ink on scrap paper

This weekend, I am going to focus on looking for the little beauties, the small things that make me happy.

It might be story time with my kids, or a clean kitchen floor, or the lilacs in bloom, or a pleasant interaction.

I'm also going to look for the small steps forward that I make. The new sentences scrawled in the margin of a New York Times. The sketch of teapots done at work in those moments of down time before it gets busy.  The continued use of my creativity log. Organizing my stamping box. A quick project with the kids.

I know that this will be a busy couple of days for me at work, so rather than feel frustrated that I can't get back to my creative goals, I'm going to look for what I can do, the lovely things that are already there. And I'm going to keep taking stock of where I am and where I want to go.

When I can get back to my creative work, on Monday, I'm going to try not to get overwhelmed by everything I want to accomplish. That happens to me a lot on Mondays. I set up my expectations so high, I want to be SOO creative, that when I sit down to work, I just go blank.

So I'm going to take it easy this weekend, but I'm not going to do nothing.

I'm going to take baby steps because even if baby steps feel like they are going nowhere, they go a lot farther than doing nothing because you are too overwhelmed by those big giant steps you think you're supposed to be taking.

So this is a weekend for little beauties and baby steps. And I'm going to enjoy the journey for exactly what it is.

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Jessica, Jackie and Ezra said...

This one really hits home for me. Thanks for writing it. I am going to do the same, and I'd love to hear/see what you come up with. Even small steps are steps. Thanks. Jessica Mass

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