Friday, April 13, 2012

Be At Home Where You Are

Be At Home Where You Are 
stamps and ink 

I've been having so much fun carving little stamps, trying to think about imagery that I frequently use and how to translate it into a stamp and then trying to improve my own skills with the stamp carving, because, let's be honest, I'm having fun, but I'm no Geninne.

But I'm okay with making little stamps that aren't perfect or making mistakes or mismanaging the engineering of negative and positive space (like I did in the upside down houses above. I left the door and windows and roof but forgot the walls!) because making mistakes are part of the process. I'm okay with not having perfect control of the medium, because I trust I will learn and I will grow and develop and discover how to do it right and where I am going with it all. I might go nowhere at all with all these stamps, creatively, but I'll always have them, and the skills, and that will feed into wherever I do go in the future. So it's okay to not know where you're going or to just play and try out new things to see what will happen, even if it might not work out.

 I really do believe that nothing we do is wasted. Everything in life is a part of the journey. Everything that happens to us has a purpose, even if it seems terrible or we are unhappy, I feel that we have something to learn from our life, somewhere to go. It's really hard to remember that perspective when you might be in the middle of suffering, but even suffering ends, and sometimes the best you can do is to be able to salvage some  wisdom or experience from the suffering.

Okay, well, this post took a dark turn. And here I was just playing with stamps. But I guess the sentiment still stands. This is the life we are living. This is the journey we are on. These are the lessons we are learning, and we can make the best of it if we accept it as OUR journey, if we are at home where we are on the journey, with our selves, with our own ups and downs.

If it comes out-- great. If it doesn't-- take the lesson and work it out next time. Or find a way to make this mistake work for you. Or let it go. We don't have to  excel at everything we try. It's okay for something to not work out. 

With this in mind, what is stopping you from trying something new? Or taking on that challenge that you are afraid of? If you are okay with where you are, if you are at home in yourself, and if you understand that it's all part of the journey, then you should never be afraid to try something or to possibly fail, because there is no failure, there is just another step on the road.

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