Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little Lucky Matchbox Charm

 Little Lucky Matchbox Charm
matchbox, upholstery scraps, glue, acrylic paint, lucky finding

Ever feel like you need to have a little bit of good luck to hold onto?

This morning I decided to whip myself up a little lucky matchbox charm.

Since carving my little lucky elephant charm, I've been a little obsessed with the little lucky elephant and I've been looking for a way to use it. So I found this old matchbox in a basket and the little thoughts in my head went *ding ding ding*.
I cut out the fabric to size and then glued it on with regular old elmers white glue.  I painted the inside of my box green with acrylic paint, then I used some more paint, this time bronze, to stamp the ellie inside. Acrylic paint isn't the ideal medium for stamping, but I managed. It's a little globby around the edges... I probably should have painted it on to the stamp a little more carefully... but I don't mind the handmade aesthetic.
 Then I stamped some tiny scallops on the rest of the space and wrote down the word luck, in case the universe missed that this was a LUCKY charm.
And trusting my luck, I went to my beads and bobbles box looking for something to put into the box, just to add another dimension of luck, and there, like a miracle, was a tiny golden dubloon type coin. Someone gave it to me, because they knew I liked to craft, along with a whole bag of old costume jewelry. This little coin was attached to some bigger thing with hot glue. So I pried it out of the decades old hot glue and it was so perfect for my needs... see, the universe is already giving me a little luck.

And thus my little lucky elephant charm box is done. It took about 10 minutes and then I rushed to photograph it. The glue is still wet, if you look at the fabric you can see it. This was an in-the-moment kind of inspiration.

 Now that I think about, it's not just about luck. My grandmother collected little lucky elephants, something I recently remembered, and she made sure to tell me that the trunks had to point up so the luck doesn't run out. So in a way, not only is this charm a way to keep luck on my side, but it's also a way to keep my grandma with me.

There's a nice charm for you.

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