Friday, April 20, 2012

Felt Dolly Pin, a small project

 Felt Dolly Pin
felt, thread, fiber fill, metal backing pin.

This was one of those off the cuff projects I did. I had these little scraps and decided to make my daughter a little doll pin that she could take with her. It's pretty simple. Just stitching and stuffing. Although I did stitch the arms and legs together (two pieces, front and back for stability) before I attached them to the body. And I do think I could make a cuter face... but hey. It's last minute. Much like this quick post today.
 Here's the back of the dolly. Witness the pin. I probably should have added another layer of felt to the head to hide the face stitching. Oh well, next time.
The girl still loves it. Look at the big smile. She was so proud of her dolly pin. However, no one even mentioned it when she wore it to school. Oh well. That's okay. She loves it.

I have a longer post in production. One of those "ten ways" kind of posts. I've been thinking about it for a while, but the more I thought about it, the bigger it got and the harder it seemed and the more time I needed to do it. And truthfully, it does take more time than I have this morning.

Not all projects can be off the cuff and done in 20 minutes. Some are more involved and take more commitment and time and thought. But there is a process, and the small steps add up to the big project.

But for today, here's a small project.

Perhaps the big one will be ready for Monday.

Oh, I'm a tease, aren't I?

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