Thursday, April 17, 2008

What I Really Want Out Of Life

is to allow my creativity to permeate every part of my day. Even my sleep, my shower, my dress, my walks, my cooking dinner, my cleaning the house, my playing with the kids, my relationship with S… everything.

I am not there. Yet.

I have been there in the past.

I want to get it back.

It would be easy to satisfy my creativity by writing my novel and then shutting off the computer when I was done with my hour or so writing time, and go back to the drudgery of every day living. But I do not want my life to be drudgery, I want it to be creative. Since it is not, right now, I think I need to actively pursue the creative. I need to THINK about it and I need to ACT on it. I need to BE the creative, not think about it as something outside of myself that I can take care of once the dishes are done.

Ai Dios Mio. I think this is a big challenge but one that will be supremely satisfying, not only when I have accomplished it, but also during the struggle to get there.

Hmm. Some initial thoughts about what to do to get there?

Laugh more. Yell less. yikes, how do I make the switch?

Limit internet time suckage… but not all internet, because some of it can be truly creative and inspiring, like 43Things, or my favorite blogs.

Talk about creativity.

Play more creatively with my kids. They seem to enjoy running about the garden, but is there some way I can encourage their own creativity? Maybe giving in less often to my own laziness will help.

Pay more attention to the creativity that is already out there. For instance, I am going to go to Mainsail a huge outdoor art festival only a few blocks from my house. Or I can check in more regularly with my favorite creative blogs, and maybe engage more in discussion with those creative bloggers.

Document my journey to the creative life on my blog.

It’s a little overwhelming to take it on as a challenge, instead of just letting it organically evolve, but with the kids, I don’t have the luxury of waiting for the things I really want to just happen. I have to go out and make it happen.


writermeeg said...

Hi Rowena, You recently visited my blog, and I responded to your response. I know you didn't like that post much, but I think we have more in common than not reading your blog, so I hope you'll visit again! And I like your goals, too! :) Megan

Rowena said...

Megan, I agree, I think there's a lot that you're talking about that I can totally relate to. And actually, it may have been a few comments that really set me off, because I've heard them before.

I actually went back an commented on another post you made in a much more positive light.

I know that I always try to look for the good in people and consider their points of view. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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