Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm Taking It Moment to Moment now

Sure, I took the kids to an outdoor art festival where we wandered around and looked at paintings and handcrafted chairs and jewelry, but it was as much about eating ice cream and sitting by the bay as it was about the art.


Today, we were watching sesame street and one of the cartoon bits reminded me of a painting that G really liked at the festival, so I took out my sketch book and started drawing some animal people having a wild rumpus. Ivy saw me and wanted to be involved, so I took out the crayons and a notebook and she did some scribbling. So did the boy, but at their ages, I don’t know if it’s quite possible to do really sustained creative projects. I don’t know, G at least has shown a thorough attraction to watercolor paints. Maybe I should go back to those, they take only a little more advanced planning than tossing crayons and a pad of paper at the kids.

Along with the drawing, we sang along to the James Blunt and Telly Monster duet, “Triangle.”

I would just like to say that it is quite possible that the boy will be a punk singer, what with the way he thrashed around and howled, Triangle! Triangle! Triangle! ...Gle! Gle! Triangle!

How long until he begs for a mohawk?

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