Saturday, April 12, 2008

4/12 The Day of Super Duper Pooper Wildthings Let Loose (and maybe some peace for mama)

Releasing the boy into the wild of the garden, because he had been a wildman all morning. I asked if someone had been feeding him skittle behind my back, it was so crazy. And yet, once fed and let loose into the garden, the swaying green and dappled shadows and many small live things; lizards, insects, fish, must have exercised some calming influence.

Sitting in the garden letting the kids explore, and allowing me to read some of the newspaper.

A call from my brother about a friend of his who has a job he needs to fill asap, and which S actually has experience in. Wish us luck.

Poo. Poo makes me happy because this week, G has gone from a poo witholding, drama-making, screaming and crying, once a week pooper to a kid who poops whenever, no big deal. Knock on wood that it continues, even if there are more diapers involved. Maybe then we can work on potty training. This is the kind of happiness that will only be found on the happy list of the parent of toddlers.

Leftovers for lunch. They were very happy to see those fries and chicken tenders again.

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