Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4/14 Also the Day that G Fought the Floor and the Floor Won

I had a hard time writing my end of the day happy things, because as I was trying to put the kids to bed, I grabbed for G and he fell flat on his face. Luckily he didn’t fall too far, but he did land on his lip. I am happy that he didn’t knock out a tooth.

I was also happy that I managed to distract him from his ouchy with a dose of tylenol, and the activity of rearranging his room so that it was cozier and kept him from waking up every hour on the hour all through the night.

The new arrangement of his room, with both beds length wise along one room, with a bedside table and lamp between them. Looks nice with various stuffed animals cuddled up along them.

Oh yeah, that I might have a job waiting tables at a restaurant right down the street. I’ll go in tomorrow to meet with the owners.

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