Monday, July 09, 2007

How to Balance Mom-ness and Me-ness

Maybe I should turn off the tv more often.

Maybe I should be creative WITH my children, even though they are very very young and it would be a challenge.

Maybe I should spend less time browsing unproductively on the internet.

Maybe I should get enough sleep and maybe even take naps so I am not so goshdarned tired whenever the little guys are sleeping.

Maybe I should stop giving into the excuse of how tired I am.

Maybe I should just pick up my work and get at it, instead of thinking of a million other things I should be doing and not doing them either.

Maybe I should lower my expectations about the other things I should be doing.

Maybe I should really BE with my kids when they are awake, and really BE with my creativity when they are asleep.

And right now, I hear someone waking up from his nap.

hasta la pasta.

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