Monday, July 09, 2007

A First

We went for pizza at our neighborhood pub, a regular Sunday afternoon thing, but today, the Monkey Man walked all the way home! No stroller, no carrying. He walked home.

What an adventure.

The same walk as usual, but being under his own power, using his own two little feet made it such the different experience for him. Of course he dawdled. He was exploring things that he only saw before while strapped in to his stroller and rolling by at mama and papa pace.

I think he particularly enjoyed passing the graffiti mural. He never gets to look at it up close. Sometimes I stop the stroller and try to take a picture of him in front of it, but that always annoys him, for some reason. Today, he got to run right up to the wall and see the murals up close. He loved it.

All the way home, he loved it.

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