Sunday, June 24, 2007

Altered Book: Spread #1

Here it is. I actually did everything I said I was going to do. Woo hoo. All despite babies and housework (haha) and exhaustion, etc.

My “assignment” was to use these three things

juicy word: Spirit

emotion: Resentment

media: Fantasy

The medium is found in the picture from Alice in Wonderland, a fantasy classic. It’s the scene where Alice comes upon the duchess and her screaming baby, the cook and the Cheshire cat. It feels like my day sometimes. And I do think Ivy looks a bit like that screaming baby sometimes. And I feel like I have to be two people at once, so make me the Duchess and the cook. And maybe Alice, too. Or maybe G is Alice.

Where’s the resentment? Well, sometimes that daily life makes me resentful that I can’t do more, be more. I might resent myself. I don’t really resent the kids. Well, maybe resentment isn’t the right word at all… I’m so exhausted, it’s not resentment. I don’t have the energy to pour into something like resentment. But I do feel trapped, sometimes. Trapped by the situation, exhaustion, the stage in life. I know it’s temporary, but I wish I could be more… me.

And that’s the spirit part. The me, the feather, trapped behind the bars.

1 comment:

Patty Kennelly said...

Ro - I'm so excited to be doing this with you again! I love your work - inspiring as usual. And I think the fact that you're using a children's book - Dr. Seus! Is perfect.

Love you darlin,

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