Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm tired, SOOO tired. (who sang that song?)

I try to revise my novel when I have time, I’ve done maybe a hundred pages, but I am the mother of two children under two years old, and I almost never “have” time.

That time is almost always taken away from something else.

Of course, I do have unproductive habits that I could give up. Hello, television? Or maybe I should say “goodbye, television.” I mean, it’s summer, there’s hardly anything new on tv. Surfing on line could also go. I could at least cut back on it.

I watch tv and web surf when I am exhausted, as I always am. It’s a real problem to productivity, but it’s also an excuse. Yes I’m tired, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t or can’t do things.

In order to revise my novel, in order to even read it (seriously, I can’t even reread Harry Potter right now) I have to buck up and stop… well… feeling sorry for myself.

Oh, I’m so tired.

I mean, I really am, but I feel so sorry for myself because I am so tired.

I think if I just accept my life as this right now, and not fight that I am tired, but flow with it, then I might get better at editing my novel.

And the truth is, working on my book will make me feel better. It will excercise my brain and get me used to working again on something other than babies.

I don’t have to revise the whole thing this week, but if I just commit to working on it, whatever I can, I can get it done.

Easy would be to commit to just 15 minutes a day of revising. I can set my timer. Easy, right? Easy.

Hey, does this make any sense? I don’t know what I’ve just written.

Did I mention that I’m tired?

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Anonymous said...

"I'm So Tired" is a Beatles song, on the White Album. John Lennon wrote it and he sings it.

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