Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Just a little bit to share for now

Detail, Flying Girl in progress.
Sorry I have not been posting regularly lately. It turns out I've got a whole lot going on.
My life looks as sedate and homebound as ever from the outside, but plans are being set into action. Ideas are flying. Projects are winging around. Lots of things are hurtling through time and space, actually. And I've got a boat load to do.
And that is not even including the holidays that must be prepared for and enjoyed. And the kids who must be fed, cleaned, supervised and loved.
So I suppose that I should just outright tell you that posting will be erratic for a while, until things settle down. I can't even tell you when that will be, because I'm not quite sure when and how or even where it will settle.
I am still creating and still thinking. I might be perhaps a bit more anxious than usual. I won't always have things to share, as some of the projects are private ones and some are presents that I don't want anyone sussing out.
I'm going to try to continue posting when I can, when I have a piece to share or anything.
I keep forgetting how crazy December can get, and this is a crazier than normal December for me.
So until next time, whenever that may be, here I am, warriorgirl, aka rowena, signing off, and wishing you all a lovely Holiday season.
p.s. It is quite possible that my grand statement of signing off could be just until tomorrow. That's how up in the air it all is. I could be back tomorrow, or I could be back in January. Bear with me while life is under construction.


Christy said...

Have a lovely and blessed holiday season Rowena ! Looking forward to your flying adventures in 200o. The best is yet to come. :)

Anonymous said...

No bearing with required. No assembly required.

Peace to you.

Anonymous said...

The best of this holiday season to you. Just be somewhere we can find you eventually.

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