Saturday, December 26, 2009

I interrupt this season of joy to present to some ZOMBIES!!

Found this wonderful zombie gingerbread house via Havi's post on Zombie Yule. Click the link for closeups. All edible. Pretty zombieawesome.

Just be aware, I DID NOT make this gingerbread house. I am too zombiefied from staying up this past week making soft sculptures for my kids. As soon as I do a photo session, edit, download, etc I'll post what I've been up to... although I did forget to photograph my first attempt at a granny square afghan before I gave it away. Woops.

Have I ever told you that I am unreasonably afraid of zombies?

However, after the the work/exhaustion of being a mom on Christmas, complete with roasting meats, cranberries, cookies, stockings, wrapping, It's A Wonderful Life, cousins, garbage bags full of wrapping paper and far too many sweets, I have to say that celebrating zombie yule and barring the doors to lay around and watch zombie movies and eat fattening foods does have its appeal.

Instead, on the day after Christmas, I barred my bedroom door, let the kids and their papa fend for themselves, and got back to writing my novel for the first time in three holiday prepatory weeks. I have a goal of finishing the first draft before 2009 winds up... and possibly also meeting my long past goal of writing 100 hours in my book in 100 days... which ends on the 31st... or perhaps the first, I'm not quite sure. I'm only 16 hours away from that goal, although I totally forgot about it and let it slide.

It just goes to show, sometimes when you set out on a goal, put it out there, set yourself up for it, take those steps and go-- even if you think you've fallen off your path, you can still come back around and reach the destination, without being aware that you've been working on it all along.

Unless of course you're a zombie. Because a zombie's only goal is BRAAAAAAAAIIIIINNNNSSSS!!!!


khairun said...

Back to your writing a day after christmas! I'm very impressed :)
Wish you lots of continued energy, inspiration and passion with every journey you embark on.
I myself have decided to get my act together next year, starting with google calendar! I'm planning on putting aside weekly sessions for my art, for outings with my baby, and more time with my husband.
Thankyou for inspiring me!

Genie Sea said...

Hahaha! I totally enjoyed this post. Can you see it round the corner, Rowena? Success! WHoop! :)

Agent M. said...

Zombies really have become all the rage of late, with Pride and Prejudice taking on zombies (it's not just a book - they have action figures, too!). It's being made into a movie, and it seems everyone in Hollywood is jumping on the bandwagon while it lasts (so many zombie movies on their way). They scare me, too. Having your brains eaten while still alive? Not a good way to go.

I need more tea.

I'd love to read your book. I've read for published authors (one of them won the Border's best new writer/novel award), as well as a literary journal, and a science magazine.

That's wonderful you've finished writing a book. Wow!

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