Thursday, July 12, 2012

Choose Happy

Choose Happy

Happiness is a choice.

It's odd to think that. It's not a destination you reach. It's not a thing you can buy. It's not something other people give you. It is a choice.

You choose to be happy. You choose to release the things that bring you down. You choose to focus on those lovely things that fill you with joy. You choose not to criticize. You choose to accept yourself. You choose to accept your life as it is.

But how can you choose to accept a life that is a struggle, a life that "doesn't make you happy?"

I don't think that accepting your life for what it is means you are giving in to the struggles. Rather, it's the reverse. When you accept that your life is your life is your own, you gain freedom from what holds you down.

It seems paradoxical, but it's true. When you stop resisting your life and start accepting it, you gain power. Your attention slides from what is wrong, what shouldn't be, what is frustrating you, to what is working, what can be improved, what is beautiful.

Does the negative go away? Well, the situations might go not go away, but your perception of them changes. And as your perception changes what once made you frustrated and unhappy releases its hold on you.

Honestly, this is something I am working on. It is the simplest thing in the world, but it is very hard. And I am not there yet. Accept the life I have. Let go of the resistance. Move forward in joy.

Choose happy

How do you "choose happy" in your life?


Anonymous said...

I try everyday also! Everything in life is a choice, I try to remember that things are not happening to me - they just happen and I can be happy or I can get self absorbed. Just let it go - feels good. You should put this one in your ETSY shop. Nice job. Maureen

Rowena said...

Thanks Maureen and good point, it's not all about us, it just is. I was thinking of putting this in my shop, but I feel like it needs a tiny bit more work.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put! I say this all the time to myself, my husband and my friends. It is because if we let life get to us we could all be in bed crying I say be happy !!! I agree put on ETSY!!!! -eleni

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