Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Summer Reading Book Mark for Boys Who Like to Read

 Summer Reading Book Mark
orange elephant stamps, embroidery floss, and scrap menus

We're gearing up for the summer over here, and more importantly, for the summer reading program at our awesome public library. After school (countdown to the last day!) we went to pick out a hefty stock of books. They love reading and G in particular is after some sort of prize where he reads a bazillion books this summer.

To encourage him, I decided he was going to need a book mark all of his own. Also so he can put his book down, because as soon as he took it out of the library, he was ALL OVER that mummy riddle book.

 He couldn't even close the book to walk home from the library. 

Or to pose with the neighbors dinosaur sculpture. Ivy is all over posing with the dinosaur.

I said dinosaur sculpture. THERE'S A DINOSAUR ON THE LAWN, GABRIEL!

 Or how about the squirrel with the white tail.   That's pretty cool. It has a white tail. Have you ever seen a squirrel with a white tail? Gabriel? Gabriel?

Oh okay, When DO the mommy mummies get presents? (Mummies Day, of course.)

Like I said, someone needs his own book mark.  Good night Mummy Riddles, and hello summer reading.

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Charmaine Velasco said...

I love library escapes with my boys. They really enjoy reading too:) What a sweet little bookmark. Thanks for the inspiration!

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