Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Flying Girl and the Umbrella, or Learning the Dance of the Balance

Flying Girl and the Umbrella, or Learning the Dance of the Balance
Golden Acrylics on paper 6x9"

It is quite a struggle lately for me to put up my posts, I'm finding. I'm still painting, but all the computer stuff is not getting done quite as thoroughly.

Sometimes I get frustrated and think there is something wrong.

But sometimes I realize that there is a reason for not being as on top of things as I have been in the past.

First of all, the economy has hit us rather hard. And it's not the end of the world, but it does make things difficult and the mood can take a hit.

But beyond that, I'm realizing that I actually have less time to work than I used to. I don't have as much computer time, because I am sharing time with S. (I don't mention him much, because the blog isn't really about him.) And the children are changing their habits. G is getting ready to drop his nap. Horrors! And Ivy likes to keep his wakefulness company. Plus, there are a few other things that have taken my attention.

This is a new movement to the dance that I have been trying to balance and sometimes we need to recognize our own need to step back and learn the steps a little better before diving back in to just boogie away.

All right. I don't know if that metaphor makes sense, but I have to go because my various responsibilities call to me.

Someday I'll be more present, I think. Until then, I'm just going to have to pop in now and again, drop my posts, and pop back out. I have faith that this is just part of the process.

Oh yeah, this is a prompt from Inspiremethursday, and is "Umbrella."


Shell said...

I love your Ballerina girl. I've been feeling like her for sometime. Getting my balance with all the cosmic and deep stuff swirling around me.

Steve Emery said...

I love her hair!!!

And time for blogging, time demands of children, it ebbs and flows like tides. And it all has cycles and phases. We have three, from 21 to 10 years of age, so we've seen a lot of this change over the years. I hope you can be patient with yourself, and I hope you still feel enough personal fulfillment and creative outlet even as more of your time is taken by your family.

aquamaureen said...

Yes, her hair!!! It's the hair I've always dreamed of having.

Balance---that is key. I'm proud of you for realizing that you have to make adjustments in order to maintain balance . . . some of the most basic and important art work you are accomplishing each day is as a partner and mother . . .

ConverseMomma said...

Oh balance. I'm always tripping in my attempt to find it. Remember you are just one person. Just be what you can be, and people who care will appreciate it.

Karen Salva said...

It is a balance and we do need to grant ourselves permission to do less. I have learned a lot about myself this past year and one of those things is that it is ok to "step away from the computer". I have also enjoyed the "quickness" of Flickr and the ease of popping in on friends...say as little or as much as I like and be done without a whole lot of hoopla! It is also very easy to have conversations there! ...and I can spell check my comments...unlike this window that disappears when I try :)

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