Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reintegration and finding yourself not lost

Reintegration by Rowena Murillo
There are times on our journey where we might find ourselves lost.

The answers that we are accustomed to do not address the questions that we are being asked.

We might find ourselves confused, and aimless, at a loss.

What now?

Here's something that I have learned over my long journey.

These times of crisis are not a failure, they are part of the process.

The important questions will be asked again. The important answers will have meaning again. And the important paths are the ones we are still walking, even though the signposts no longer show us the way.

Keep going.

You will find yourself again.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rowena,
This is random, but I just have to satisfy my curiosity. Ok so I somehow ended up following you on Pinterest and could not shake the fact that your name sounded so familiar... like a childhood friend i had. You probably are not her, but I had a friend named Rowena when i was about 5/6 and her mother sewed me some culottes (below-knee super unflattering, baggy, modesty shorts) with my initials monogrammed on a little pocket on the butt. This friend was either in Missouri or Houston, maybe both; I can't remember. I think our parents were friends at a really super conservative church in Houston. Anyhow, Rowena is such an uncommon name, I just had to check. :)

Bungalow Finder said...

This snippet from Elen's post captures a moment of unexpected connection between a taxi driver and passenger over the scent of patchouli, triggering memories of youth and music. The mention of Physical Graffiti LP and the nostalgic aroma of vanilla and patchouli evokes a sense of wistfulness and shared experience. The suggestion to listen to Cantata of Yellow Bridges with Artaud adds an intriguing layer of mystery and artistic depth to the encounter.

Elen's ability to weave together sensory details and cultural references creates a vivid and compelling narrative. Thank you, Elen, for sharing this beautifully evocative moment with your readers.

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