Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beaded Felt Christmas Star

Beaded Felt Christmas Star
felt, thread, cardboard toilet paper tube, glass beads, white glue

I only have a moment to post, so hi.

Here is the christmas tree star I was working on. I cut out four felt stars folded them in half and sewed them together at the edges with a blanket stitch. Then I beaded two sides of the star.

I had thought about making the four sides stick out, like I did with the previous felt ball ornaments, but I thought I kind of lost the star effect, that way. After some consultation with my facebook peeps, I decided to use the toilet paper tube to finish it off.

I glued felt to the tube and when I put the tube inside of the star, noticed that it kind of naturally opened up a bit on two sides. I realized that I could leave it a two sided star by attaching to two top side points together.
Like this.

Therefore, all four felt pieces are connected at the top. The bottom is left open. And then the two facing points at the top are attached on each side. When I tried to connect the bottom points, it completely lost the star shape, so I left those as is. Then I stitched the open end of the star to the tube.

The tube holds it up on the tree top. yay. All done. The beading took a long time.


Beverley Baird said...

What a gorgeous star! I am loving all your wonderful ornaments and activities! i had hoped to do more- loved your idea of creating Christmas but this cold has zapped me and I am just doing the minimum! Maybe next year!
Thanks for some great ideas I will definitely try next year!

gatheringwonder said...

this is great - what a wonderful creation

Barbara B said...

Very nice, beautiful beadwork. And with the tube open at the bottom the star can sit at the top of the tree.

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